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  1. Well the Summer is just about over you know right lol? Rise of the Apes was really great I enjoyed the movie and would recommend seeing it, I would give it a four out of five jalapenos lol. James Franco is wild in this movie, you will see for yourself. Go see it or do what you do I want to see Captain America for the ending showing The Avengers. Edit: I want to see the following, other than that I have seen most of all the new and recent movies that came out: Zoo Keeper, Transformers, Harry Potter, The Smurfs and Friends With Benefits.
  2. Well Google Plus isn't a forum, it's another social network to be exact lol. Right now it is still new, much people don't know about it, but I believe it's going to grow onto folks. When it officially opens and more word of mouth (sadly more spam =[), then it might be a better experience. I really enjoy the simplicity and ease of features with strong integration, but you could say that about FB; all a matter of use and opinion lol
  3. You are just talking about the United States, this isn't just a one country issue.
  4. Just curious on how many of y'all are now using G+ or heard of it? Also I have invites :)
  5. Solar panels in my opinion are not an expensive alternative at all, even initially; here in Colorado Springs, they are decent prices (can't name off the top of my head). It's totally worth it and off subject, but also a water system that heats the house and reusing the water.
  6. There are devices which can be placed on your bike to trace it if it were stolen, using RF tech.. Also you can purchase add-ons for your bike to allow carriage lol
  7. Well if there is research it will most likely be contributed from third party organizations as the space program is ended. I agree though, they cut the space program for money, but yet we are wasting money instead of using money on other things.
  8. Welcome and happy late birthday Beth! Congrats also ahead of time for putting up with your husband hehe . Enjoy your stay
  9. Thanks it is working and this is one of themes I had on my forums including the red one . And thank you again. Edit: Also have you thought of importing RSS feeds off your main website??
  10. Interesting to hear about this again, I remember when I was small kid they said the same thing, but then quickly say naw lol.
  11. Yes I am lucky to have my metabolism as well lol because I eat a lot haha.
  12. I am a B.U.M - Basically Under Management lol naw just kidding I am a full time college student, who hustles legit on the side for money. Such as freelance work (coding/design/development), fixing/upgrading computers and whatever else.
  13. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Today I feel rushed and decent feeling lol, woke up thinking it was 1400, when it really was 10:30, only freaked out because I have class at 1400.
  14. Indeed I understand how you feel, so your town doesn't have like grocery stores or anything?
  15. Yes I have been quite busy lately and this week is going to be killer for me, but when I do get the free time, I will start sharing more tips/ideas. Thanks for welcome everyone :D
  16. And I believe there is a setting for us that if a user has 'x' amount of negative rep, you can choose not to see those posts/topics.. If the feature is still present.
  17. I really like the default theme, but I am just not a fan of forced fixed widths lol. Okay looking forward for the finished result . Also there Overlay Green theme is not available for me in the drop down. Edit: Also may we get some more smileys on here please?
  18. Nice, what does it compose of doing? i.e. Cardio, Body Building, etc..
  19. All it takes is will power and to acknowledge it's dangers. I can stop any day as well, but for now I choose not to because I don't want to I guess lol. Helps with stress and times I guess..
  20. Nice I want to do that one day when I start traveling around the world.
  21. I shall try BBQ Tofu burger one day. Sounds odd, but I'll try it..
  22. iPhone app for what? There is already built in iPhone features for IPB :)
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