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  1. So, what are the activities you like doing to stay in shape or to get fit? Do you apply it everyday and does it follow a diet?
  2. I just smoke Medical Marijuana, but I do smoke a square every now and then. One day I will stop smoking tobacco, but not now lol.. I don't smoke tobacco a lot, but once is enough.
  3. I collect stamps, electronics, books, paperwork, coins and just about anything I find interesting lol.. I am a pack rat at times...
  4. lol have you ever tried talking to them?? I am doing alright just a really boring day! Been playing games, watching movies, chatting and doing homework.. Might go play some Basketball soon
  5. ^^ That sounds so delicious! I am not a vegetarian, but I do prefer to eat fruits and vegetables (always get a lot on my plate and eat them first). Umm my favorite foods would have to be just naming the categories because I can go on for days.. Chinese/Japanese/Mexican/Puerto Rican/Soul Food/BBQ/Thai/Muslim... So much and many lol.. It is easier for to write what I don't like.. Which is: Yams/Sweet Potatoes (nasty) and Penis/Balls (never tried, but won't)
  6. I use my bike just about everyday, to get to college, friend's houses, parks and anywhere my feet lead me to lol. I enjoy riding a bike because you appreciate the scenic routes and the exercise .
  7. Both, but like others said, over population is the root for over consumption.
  8. Our land sucks, we suffered from a couple decent sized floods and with the dry heat, our land is damaged and we don't grow much. We do have a tree and some shrubs we planted in the front which are awesome! In the backyard we grow some vegetables, such as jalapenos, squash, tomatoes, etc..
  9. I am trying to change my photo/avatar and it won't upload any of them, I tried four different one, each in the right format. Edit: Also on the fast/quick reply the smileys bar is out its area (over extended). Also an unskinned part in the online list area. ReEdit: Also could you link the logo to the forum's index please? I use the logo a lot to return to main page.
  10. I really dislike on how the topics are laid out. I prefer a liquid width instead of something fixed. I like the theme, but that is what kills it. Could you add another theme or fix that? Edit: Also can you enable it for me to collapse and expand categories??
  11. Seen this topic posted in the customer area of IPS and yeah seemed interesting since I implement a lot of green ways in my life. Well my name is Kris and typically I love to read, so I'll be doing a lot of that and being part of the community! Take care y'all
  12. Hello I can not register fully, I have clicked resend validation a couple times. I'm assuming there is an issue with WLM and your Mail server

    1. Simon


      Hello! We have had some problems with our server recently which may have caused this. We are working on fixing this and increasing our server capacity so that we won't experience any more annoying downtimes.

      I will manually approve your account so that you can use the forums.

    2. YounGMessiah
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