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  1. Welcome to green blog and our community!
  2. Yes, but that's the hard part. We have waited so long to take proper climate action that ANY meaningful action we take now will have severe short-term economic effects.
  3. Yeah, but it won't be long until a new pandemic comes crashing. We'll never learn.
  4. Oh my, that's extreme! I can barely function when the temperatures rise to 30 degrees Celsius.
  5. The Kauai 'O'o (Kauaʻi ʻōʻō) was a bird species that lived on the islands of Hawaii. Due to habitat destruction by human activities and exploitation, and after humans introduced invasive species to the islands, this bird species went extinct in the late 1980’s. The Kauai 'O'o mated for life and both the male and the female had a distinct mating call. Wikipedia describes it as a very vocal, making hollow, erratic, flute-like calls. The bird was last sighted in 1985, and the last sound recording was made in 1987. Listen to the last bird of his kind singing a mating call, to a female that wo
  6. Here is a list of plants that will help keep the air in your home clean and free from pollutants: And I agree with you, you can't have a cozy home without any plants.
  7. It's winter so it's pretty cold right now. But overall, our winter has been unusually warm, and it was only quite recently it started to get colder.
  8. Hello @Squaroe and welcome to Green Blog!
  9. And don't forget that the use of GMOs will lead to corporations, like Monsanto, to own and claim patent on the very seeds of life.
  10. Yeah, I really miss our four seasons. It was decades since we had a proper winter. Now it's mostly a short spring, and then a long and sweltering summer that ends with a dark and wet autumn.
  11. Climate science has always been conservative in its estimates. The scary thing about climate change is that it's moving much, much faster than what our calculations and projections predicted. It's scary. Because we are quickly moving into unknown territories with unpredictable outcomes - especially the human and political reaction that will follow the untold global climate catastrophes.
  12. I don't really do any regular exercising. But I try to eat healthy and use my bike or walk whenever I can.
  13. Which one? It seems they are discovering a new coronavirus strain every other day. I just hope the vaccines will be effective against these new covid-19 virus strains. Andit just goes to show that we will have to learn to live with the coronavirus and it many different versions.
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