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  6. Hello Jason and welcome to the community!
  7. Welcome to Green Blog and our community!
  8. My question is about cutting out meat! I think its clear that cows are the worst for climate change. But if I sop eating chicken, id that any different from eating soy? Also in terms of milk alternatives - I've heard that almond milk is so water intensive that its detrimental for the environment. Please help!!
  9. Hi, I'm Jason Demant. I'm a hypnotherapist living in London. Good to be here. I look forward to posting some more views and articles.
  10. Hi everyone Pleased to meet you! First, let me introduce myself. I am Utkarsh. I just joined this forum. I am very happy to get to know everyone. The forum has lots of useful news. I will read it every day. Well, I’m a dedicated worker and a person people. i also like to be in contact with the public. It was a pleasure meeting you, I appreciate your time listening to my introduction. Thanks you very much!!!
  11. First major deal at COP26: More than 100 world leaders promise to end deforestation by 2030 A total of 110 nations - including Brazil where large stretches of the Amazon rainforest are being cut down at an alarming rate - has promised to end and reverse deforestation by 2030. And their pledges include around $19 billion in US dollars of both public and private funds, the BBC reports. In a response to the deal, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said "we have to stop the devastating loss of our forests" and "end the role of humanity as nature's conqueror, and instead become nature's custodian
  12. And here's a video showing US President Joe Biden falling asleep during the COP26 opening speeches.
  13. The world's largest economies only managed to make vague climate commitments at G20 summit At the end of the G20 summit in Rome, the world's largest economies only managed to make vague commitments to seek carbon neutrality "by or around mid-century." US President Joe Biden laid the blame on the weak commitments on Russia and China. "Not only Russia, but China, basically didn't show up in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change," he said at the event. Speaking at the event, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that major economies are not doing "their fair share" in tack
  14. Sky News has a pretty cool online calculator which shows you how much carbon dioxide has been produced since you were born: Climate change: How much carbon dioxide has been produced since you were born? Enter your year of birth to find out NEWS.SKY.COM With countries trying to work out how to transition to less carbon intensive forms of energy, every year that passes adds ever more CO2... The calculator shows that in my lifetime, 46,1 percent of all CO2 has so far been emitted. Of this, fossil fuel emissions accounted for 936.9 billion tonnes
  15. Al Jazeera has posted a video that explains what COP26 is all about and why the conference could be make-or-break for the planet.
  16. "Everyone needs to do more - not just China and Russia" COP26 President Alok Sharma, who has gone vegetarian for the sake of the planet, said at the opening of the climate conference that now is the time to deliver and that he wants "more out of every country." When asked by Sky News if he wants to see greater commitments from countries such as China and Russia, Sharma answered that "I want more out of every country". Sharma added that "this is a chance for all these countries to show leadership, this is the point where they have to stand up and be counted," and warned that without a
  17. UN's important climate meeting, COP26, has officially opened this week. For two weeks, delegates from nearly 200 different countries will meet to discuss climate challenges, adaption and mitigation strategies, and - hopefully - agree on meaningful and forceful plans to combat the threat of climate change. But these topics have been discussed for several decades now, so what makes this meeting so special? That's because COP26 is considered by scientists, experts, and organizations to be the final chance humanity has to come together and avert global temperatures from reaching more than 1,5
  18. Ahead of the COP26 climate conference, the United Nations warned that the current commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions put the world towards a "catastrophic" 2.7-degree Celsius temperature rise this century. According to the UN's Environment Programme (UNEP), national plans to reduce carbon pollution has so far just amounted to "weak promises, not yet delivered". The UN urged all 193 member states to step up their climate commitments – especially rich nations, which are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. "The G20 countries are responsible for 78 percent of al
  19. Hello Carl and welcome to the community!
  20. Good day everyone My name is Carl and I'm happy to join your community
  21. Recycling is an important part of our society. It not only helps to reduce the amount of material that goes into landfills, but it also saves energy and natural resources. Did you know that many people don't realize their recycling bin can hold more than just paper products? Here are 5 materials you may not have known could be recycled. Motor Oil Annually, Americans use an estimated 270 million gallons of motor oil. Many people don't realize that used oil can be turned into other products such as machine lubricants and asphalt pavement. When your oil is about to be changed, don't thr
  22. Don't keep the taps open while cleaning utensils.
  23. Actually the above picture is of Delhi and it is absolutely true. Locations across the globe has even bought the species back to their biodiversity. Even the species that went far away from human eyes were spotted in this time phase.
  24. Well, actually there are many alternatives to plastic. Even jute is also used as an alternate.
  25. There are plenty of reasons why humans travel from one place to the other. When you travel, you get exposed to different places of the world and diverse cultures. While it is a nice and fun experience enjoyed by many, it has been realized that some modes of transportation have negative impacts on the climate and the environment at large. Whether you are using a car, train, ship, or plane, your movements will generate toxic gases and wastes that can be harmful to the environment. However, if you want to remain environmentally conscious as you travel, there are things you can do to reduce your e
  26. Yes, it can be used as alternative. Jute has good insulating and antistatic properties, low thermal conductivity and a moderate moisture regain.
  27. Hi. I am Michael, from Missouri. I've just recently joined this community and am really excited to be here to share ideas and learn more from others!
  28. One of the most common requests being heard by real estate agents from across the nation for homes that use energy-efficient materials. Roofing, especially, is a long-term investment and has a large effect on the overall efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Younger home buyers entering the market tend to be even more environmentally conscious than their predecessors, and they understand the importance of energy efficiency for the sake of the environment as well as your utility bills. Therefore, if you're in the market for a new home or simply looking at replacing your current roof, here are
  29. Did you know that nearly 300 million tons of plastic waste are produced every year? Unlike other types of waste, such as paper, cardboard, and discarded food, plastic doesn't decompose and stays in the environment forever. You know that recycling plastic is a good thing, but what happens to your old water bottles and margarine containers after you place them in the bin? Here are four common uses for recycled plastics. Bottles, Containers, and Packaging One of the most common uses for recycled packaging is making more packaging. However, recycling plastic isn't as simple as washing an
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