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  4. Buy less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag. Use long-lasting light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also flip the light switch off when you leave the room!
  5. Never, dogs are one of the loyal animals in this world and we should never use them in this way.
  6. JayeTech

    Hello and welcome to our community!

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here and i hope i will learn many new things.
  7. RahulSHrs

    Food wastage.

    Hello I think food wastage can be controlled if it's root cause is determined then and only then it can be controlled. There should be awareness camps, events, etc will have to be organize.
  8. HannahMolly1989

    COP27 attitudes

    Hi there, I am curious what everyone's level of optimism or expectations are around COP27 beginning next week. Do you think it is a productive conference, and are you hopeful that nations will be able to actually figure out how to take action on meeting global emissions reductions goals? I've been hearing a lot of variable views on the event and wanted to take the pulse of this group. Thanks, Hannah
  9. Eero Blinking White

    Is It Possible to Sell Plant Waste for Money?

    Most people wonder, Is it possible to sell plant waste for money? here's the answer to your question. In order to have information about this issue, we must first know what plant waste is. Plant waste; plants that are in such a bad condition that they can no longer be used, have reached the level of doing more harm than good. However, garbage and waste should never be confused with each other. Garbage are things that are not recyclable, but the same recycling of paper, glass, plastic by plants can be achieved. These plant wastes can cause bad images in nature and the death of plants that
  10. Stone Depot

    Which plants and flowers will attract bees the best?

    Bees are particularly attracted to bee balm echinacea snap dragon hostas California poppies evening primrose
  11. We switched from Tupperware to glass containers with flexible plastic lids. It’s not 100% plastic free but uses much less plastic. Plus we can microwave foods in them without the lids. I don’t like microwaving plastic especially if the food has fat in it because of chemicals transferring from the plastic to the food via the fat.
  12. GardenAnnie

    Best Roof Materials for Energy Efficiency

    More HOAs are allowing metal roofing that they forbade before. It is seen as more upscale than utilitarian nowadays.
  13. There are several Facebook groups for creative recycling of clothes. Upcycle Sewing and other groups for general upcycling are very helpful and very popular. On YouTube and Facebook are people showing how They shop resale shops for clothing, gifts, and decor. It’s a popular trend because of inflation but also more and more people caring about the environment.
  14. GardenAnnie

    Hugelkultur? What's that?

    This is especially good for areas with drought as the wood breaks down lessening the need for as much water for anything planted in the top and sides of a hugelkultur mound. Some places have a dry season and a rainy season. Hugelkultur solves both problems. In the dry season you don’t have to water as much. In the wet season you get good drainage for your plants because they are above the normal surface.
  15. Nicholechole

    New Member

    Hi Everyone! I'm a new member of Green Blog and nice to know you all guys
  16. It’s estimated that the global fashion market will be worth more than 2.25 trillion by 2050. With the rise of the popularity of sustainable fashion, green fashion brands will likely lead the industry’s evolution set to happen within the next ten years. Sustainable fashion, however, doesn’t start and end with the production of fashion garments. In fact, brands need to pay just as much attention to their marketing efforts as they do to the raw product selection and manufacturing techniques of their socially responsible products. Ready to learn more about the most effective strategies f
  17. hostmerchantservices

    How was the climate in your country ?

    Location:New Delhi / Safdarjung Current Time:9 Jul 2022, 09:34:07 Latest Report:9 Jul 2022, 08:30 Visibility:2 km Pressure:995 mbar Humidity:69% Dew Point:27 °C
  18. Whether you're working on a new construction or renovating an older building, it's much more than just getting the job done as fast as possible and in a budget-friendly manner. Now that green and environmentally friendly building practices have become more common than before, most builders are turning towards innovative methods of construction that offer more durability, safety, affordability, in addition to being earth-friendly. As the IED master in interior design for commercial spaces and retail is teaching us, this field of design is currently calling for multidisciplinary professiona
  19. Nawa Eka

    Good Afternoon Everyone

    Hi there, I am Nawa Eka from Indonesia. Thank you to let me join in. Best regard
  20. Mark Wood

    need vegetarian recipes

    Go and watch youtube
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