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  1. What some green ways you could think of in celebrating new year? Some that I would do for greener new year celebration are: - Will not use fireworks - Will not use disposable plates and utensils. - Will throw garbage from celebrations on proper bin.
  2. Yes I had watched Final destination movies. I had watched some of it several times already and still would like or willing to watch it again. I like how the story differ from other horror films. It was thrilling...
  3. Solar bulbs are also not yet marketed locally here but I could find some few places or people here that are selling such bulbs. According to some websites online a solar bulb could cost approximately $20 depends on brand/class or type.
  4. zararina

    Steve Jobs

    His name was like the brand of apple that become popular because of its products and ideas. And it becomes more popular when he died specially on the online world.
  5. When I was younger, I usually watch anime and cartoon shows. And I also enjoy educational shows like those about Science. Right now, I seldom watch TV and what I would usually watch are news shows and movies.
  6. Hello there Courtnie and welcome to the forum. Good luck to your studies and nice to have you here. You can freely share your own ideas and knowledge on different topics here. And you could find interesting and useful topics around. Have a nice day. ;)
  7. I am not familiar with that movie Invictus but as you described it, it seems to be a very good movie. I also enjoy watching such kind of movies and I think I would also appreciate that movie as it has a good story.
  8. What are your usual summer activities? I enjoy being in the beach during summer but I do not go often to the beach. Since I could do some other activities like going in the park which is nearer to us have picnic or food trip there. I also stay at home more when it was summer to avoid the heat outside and would go out late afternoon if ever I would go to the mall.
  9. There are some local documentaries about global warming and it shows different natural disasters that had happened in our country. There are also projections for what year supply of water, food and some other natural resources will become scarce and that was really alarming. Documentaries could help us know more about what are the causes and effects of it. And also how we could be able to do something to make those effects slower and have a better environment. Do you watch global warming documentaries for your country? What are the discussions?
  10. Hello there too Kat. You can share your own knowledge and ideas on different threads here and feel free to join different discussions.Hope to see more of your contributions around. Have a nice day.
  11. What movies do you still enjoy watching even you had watched it several times already? Below are some movies that I actually had watched several times already but still can enjoy watching it again. - The Prestige - Gulliver's Travel (classic one) - Indiana Jones movies - Once Upon a Time in China movies
  12. It was right that water hyacinth becomes a problem here that causes floods on some areas specially when there are storms. And it was already being "harvested" here and used to create some products just like bags, sandals and home decors.
  13. I think I had watched that too in the news years ago. And it might not become that successful since if it is, it becomes popular online or been shown in different news local and abroad. Hope it could still be a possibility since water is lot cheaper and earth friendly than fuel. Specially if it will not require too clean water.
  14. There are Korean Telenovelas here and we could really see that there are still lots of beautiful spots there that are abundant with trees an clean surroundings. And so I could say that Korea is one of my favorite green country too. And I also like new Zealand as it was used in the movie Lord of the Rings.
  15. I think furniture that are made from natural materials are more earth friendly although it could mean some plants or trees are being cut for it (as long as they would plant new ones ). There are also furniture that are made from recycled materials just like those that are made from used cans, used paper and some other materials that can be reused. Below are some that I had searched online.
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