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  1. Also if you do not decide to have the logo link back to forum index, then could you add back the breadcrumbs on the board index?
  2. I will have to check out the movie sometime soon.
  3. Well technically it is suppose to happen, that's natures nature lol, but we as mankind speed up certain processes or cause fluxes... blah blah blah :P
  4. Hey that doesn't stop you from getting some pots and growing something! Ferns are really good for airborne toxins, so I would suggest that for your apartment.
  5. Yes just open your browser on your phone and visit this forums. IPB I believe should detect you using a mobile phone and force you to use the theme for phones, if not in the bottom left is change theme.
  6. Having the reputation system enabled is a good idea, it seems now-a-days a lot folks like it and can learn about someone or something.
  7. Going to watch some movies

    1. YounGMessiah


      Well I didn't watch a movie or movies. Went downtown instead lol..

  8. True cost of gasoline = useless wars and casualties :P
  9. Good luck, I recently just got into mountain biking, fun stuff there!
  10. I as well do not know why people deny the facts, the only thing that bugs me about global warming sometimes is the other side. They make it seem like our whole world is gonna collapse tomorrow and try to use to scare tactics and while I understand the tactics, still kinda odd.. Any who I am more worried for my kid's kids lol
  11. Nice to meet you Warren and welcome! I just joined as well and hope to find some useful insights here. Good day
  12. lol same! and a steak sounds good right now :wub:
  13. I hear you on that, I really don't follow a diet, but I make sure I get the right stuff in. I rarely eat fast food as it is disgusting lol. I also take multi-vitamins to help out with what I missed. There is always time for workouts, seems like more time for excuses . haha just yanking your chain a little bit, but you do know there is like 5-60 minute workouts out there. Good for you I still want to go snowboarding it looks and sounds so fun! I live in Colorado, so I got plenty of snow.
  14. lol gotta love the tranquil rain
  15. Yeah cancer is common in my family as well, but I have other issues to worry about with my body. I will eventually come to a halt for MMJ, but I will always return to it as its effects aren't as bad as tobacco.
  16. Welcome, so where do you live now since you said you came from Philippines?
  17. I tend to follow all those as well lol, but my only bad habit is I love using hot water, and I like to just stand in it.
  18. Welcome looking forward to what this website shows :D
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