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  1. I too did not understand what zuulspaceman said. LOL On the topic: I also eat meat and veggies and fruits. But I try to eat the last two more 'cause I know they are better for the body. I like cabbage, spinach, radish, potatoes and sweet potatoes. I also like citrus fruits with the sweet and sour tastes.
  2. I'm a money saver type of person so I prefer walking to get to the place I am bound to go. Sometimes, I can go even in long distances using just my feet. I do not own the bike that I use so I don't get to bike often. For really long distances like miles, I ride the bus or any PUV in order to get to the place I am going to.
  3. I also conserve energy through the following ways: unplugging all unused appliances lessening the use of TV and electric fan specially when it is cold outside I don't use flat iron at all I use netbook instead of desktop PC charging my cellphone fully so that I don't have to charge it over and over again turning on the lights only when it is dark using bulbs that has low wattage I guess that would be all. :)
  4. I totally agree. In the future, there are more to expect. I just hope that it won't be that worse. I read in article the possible effects of global warming in the future and here's a part of it: Source: Overview of Global Warming Let's just pray that the Earth will still be a good place to live in, in the next years to come.
  5. It's my first time to hear about this as well. So I researched in the Wikipedia and I found out that the shrub has many uses besides being a detergent. It can also be made as cosmetics and remedies like mucolytic agent, emetic, contraceptive and for treatment for excessive salivation, epilepsy and chlorosis.
  6. The graph posted here very well explained how fast the planet had been destroyed over the years. And with great differences, huh? Which just proves that our environment is already at worst. What more in the future? Oh I can't stand it just imagining how it would be in Earth 20-50 years from now. Well, I guess the damage is irreversible. All we can do is preserve what we have now and try to make a change even for simplest ways.
  7. Yes! I try to use it as much as possible when buying things at the grocery. Plastics are made to be disposable and I don't want to add up to the huge pile of plastic garbage here in our area. Though I cannot completely avoid plastic materials in the house. Most items are packed in plastics that's why.
  8. Hi Brandon, welcome to Green Blog community. We hope that you are already enjoying your stay and please feel free to share any tips you have about caring for the environment.
  9. Hi there! Welcome to the community. I am glad to meet another concerned citizen here. What you do are really helpful in the environment, specially recycling. Hope you would continue to care for the environment and we will look forward for your update. Hope to see you more around the forum :)
  10. Hi there Crash! Welcome to the forum. We will look forward to seeing you and your posts around. Feel at home. :)
  11. Hello there El Canadiano! Welcome to Green Blog Community. We are excited to see your posts. Feel free to share your thoughts and we would be more than willing to listen. See you around the forum :)
  12. Welcome to Green Blog community Aimend! I am glad that you were able to join us in Earth-friendly discussions here. Hope you would stick around more and we will look forward for your contributions. See you around!
  13. Well, we can do whatever we want with our lives. But do we really want to do anything? I mean, can we take the consequences if we go beyond the rules? I personally believe that everything has a limitation that's why we have rules and the law. Did you ever imagine what would happen if we don't have that? Well, maybe the world would be a horrible place to live in. I really think that we would never go wrong with following the rules as they are set to control everything to its proper place.
  14. Cecille

    Green Songs

    I tried to think of any "green songs" and here are what I found: Heal the World - Michael Jackson You Raise Me Up - Westlife Mother Nature Needs Us - The PJ Grand Band Pray - Justin Bieber I try to think more but for now, those are all I can think of. :)
  15. LOL. I meant I am now living in the Philippines. Peace Thanks Zara! Nice to see you here. Hello joydyats. I am enjoying it already, thanks and God bless. Thanks a lot Simon! I am glad to become a part of this noble forum which concerns the environment and clean living. Thanks too for putting this up. It's great to be here.
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