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  1. As a family, we recycle and make sure that pop cans and such are all taken to the right places. We also make sure that we do not waste, we save and reuse as much as possible. All clothing items we donate when we can no longer use them. We do not allow trash and such to build up. We also walk whenever possible and we try to buy items that come in greener packages. We also make sure to teach the kids to conserve water when washing their hands, taking baths and brushing their teeth. I make sure to always talk to the kids about the environment and what it means to take care of the earth.
  2. Right now my garden is not full like it was last year, only because I didn't have the time to plant this spring. Last year I had strawberries, beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, basil, lavender, rosemary, sunflowers, roses, lilac, radishes and lettuce. I love to garden and hopefully next spring can make the time to make it look nice. Last year we had a great crop and I miss not having the fresh stuff to cook for.
  3. My husband and both of my children have bikes. I have yet to find one that I am comfortable on and can use for both normal riding and off road riding. Once I find one that I really like, then I will be able to use it more often. I would like to use it to go to work as I live and work in the same town. I am hoping that will cut down on not only the fuel costs for putting gas in my car, but also for helping the environment.
  4. I am not a full blown changed person yet and haven't really changed much of my eating habits into a greener lifestyle. I have shopped at Whole Foods a few times, but found it is very expensive and a little confusing when you don't know what to shop for. A few things I have done is started a garden and I shop at local farmer markets. Using those two resources, much of my grocery shopping has been changed to fresh fruits and veggies and herbs to cook with. I still have a lot that I need to learn when it comes to organic eating and not buying into the hype that most companies have started wh
  5. The best thing to do is watch what you eat, how much you eat and how much exercise you get in a day. If you drink nothing but soda, you will not lose weight. Cutting out all sugary drinks and switching to water will help you jump start a weight loss plan. The next thing that I do is make sure that when I do eat, I don't over do the portion sizes. This is very important when you go out to eat. Making sure you don't eat three day's worth of fat/sodium/calories in one sitting can be a huge downfall when trying to lose or watch your weight. Another thing I try and do is very simple things
  6. I used to be a huge fan of Nascar and would collect items for my favorite drivers. Once I moved out on my own, got married, most of that stuff went into storage. I don't honestly have anything right now that I collect. I try to keep my house clutter free. With two young children, I want them to have the room to play and not feel as though they are in a house of glass.
  7. I think it is an amazing find and I hope that they are allowed to do more research. Sadly, ending science programs like this isn't going to get us progressed into the future. They need to move money around, taking away from defense and giving it back to the scientists who got us where we are today. Too much is spent on death and destruction and not enough on education and the future. I was excited to see the images and hope that more comes from this!!
  8. I believe that we have free will. If there was a "god" out in the universe, many things that are happening, wouldn't be. I understand that he can only do so much in a sense, but if he were all powerful, I don't think things would be as bad as they are right now. Millions are suffering and "god" allows it. Free will is something that every person can use every day. Yes, there are limitation around us. But you can change how you live your life by making simple choices. If you want to be poor, and live off the government, you can make choices that put yourself in that position. But if you ar
  9. I just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Beth and I live in Iowa. I just turned 28 on Saturday. I am a mommy to two wonderful children. My son is 7 and my daughter will be 6 in just a few weeks. I am married to a great guy, we will be celebrating 10 years this October. I am very interested in the green lifestyle and have already made some changes towards living that way. I am excited to get to know people on this board and learn new things!!
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