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Global Warming

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Boulder is definitely an incredible place to go hiking. I love Mount Evans in Idaho Springs, and in Boulder my fave place is Eldorado Canyon! Have you spent alot of time hiking in Boulder? My Mother lives in Sylvester GA. I personally have not spent a great deal of time there.... a little warmer than I like my weather ;)

I have spent more time hiking in the Cascades, Mt Hood, Lake Tahoe area out there and the Appalachian Trail in this area.

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>>Actually, you are being critical<<

No, not at all - and sorry if it sounded that way.

>>Already you can see places selling cute shirts that send messages about conservation, recycling, upcycling, reducing, reusing..... like I said - that is the foundation, the beginning.<<

I really do not think that it's either a foundation or a beginning; it's simply people attempting to make money from a current trend. Remember the CND shirts that were oh-so popular a couple of decades ago? The companies that made the shirts were certainly not supporters of nuclear disarmament (they were simply companies that made shirts) and people wore them as fashion statements rather than political statements. The shirts didn't help the campaign for nuclear disarmament and people eventually abandoned them in favour of shirts which supported other trendier causes - such as today's green movement.

>>In order for people to give up their cars and travel less changes in urban development and planning must be addressed.<<

I do not think that the majority of people will ever voluntarily give up their cars or that the majority of people substantially reduce their energy consumption. Accordingly, the solution is not to encourage people to do those things; rather, it's to encourage the development of energy-efficient cars and the provision of clean/renewable energy.

>>and what are governments, but people??<<

People with an agenda.

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Yes you actually are too critical. it is always important to have positive-thinking people like treehugging_family. not everyone should go around thinking whatever they're doing, they have a motive. the t-shirt making company might be in for it for the profit, but the fact that people are wearing the shirts means the message still gets sent to be out there. We certainly hope for this to happen.

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