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  1. We are so excited that you are here! Welcome. Lots of love and light! xoxoxo

  2. Boulder is definitely an incredible place to go hiking. I love Mount Evans in Idaho Springs, and in Boulder my fave place is Eldorado Canyon! Have you spent alot of time hiking in Boulder? My Mother lives in Sylvester GA. I personally have not spent a great deal of time there.... a little warmer than I like my weather ;)
  3. Actually, you are being critical of me and you make a pretty big assumption about who my family is and how we live our lives because you read one blog entry intended for my family about them flying to see their Nana for the holiday. I will have you know though that they were not just your average holiday traveler. We make alot of sacrifices in our daily lives in an effort to be ecoconscious and to spread awareness and gather new knowledge about what we can do to tread more lightly and spread what we have learned. In the decision to fly home for the holidays, I opted to remain behind in part be
  4. Simon,

    thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely be responding to the ignorant post made by brettbh! I really dig your site!

  5. Contrary to popular belief... China is not a country, they are a corporation, and they're downsizing all of you..... MUAHAHAHHA Seriously excellent post. Great advice and well organized. I like it! :cute:
  6. I am interested to hear about how everyone spent their holidays! We haven't had a pvc made christmas tree or cut down tree for a few years now. This year we decided to get a beautiful rosemary bush. We made ornaments from recycled materials for it. I think it took a little bit of time for the family to adjust to the miniature tree. Everyone is coming around to the idea that less is more, and that our tree is so very special because we can plant it and watch it grow! The town we live in is obsessed with lighting the place up.... they even have a competition to see who's display of lights
  7. Thank you so much for joining us! I hope you can find interesting things here as well as enjoy your time with us. We're so pleased you've joined!

  8. Thank you for the invite & I'll try to figure out how to add photos, letters, etc. Glad to be part of the family. Love and best wishes.

    Diane (Quinns mom)

  9. So glad you're here! Happiest of Holidays!

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