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  1. But they show it on TV, surely it must be true! Natural and eco friendly ways of cleaning may not be instant but the do work and should always be the first choice before grabbing the "magic" product of the day.... <_<
  2. And you miss a key point or two, Israel has existed for more than 50 years and this was NEVER the land of Hamas. They do not have the right to murder who they please. Clearly anti-semitic types support them and continue to paint them as some kind of heros fighting for their "mother country". brettbh is correct in his brief history lesson, but the bottom line is that you cannot support a bunch of criminals trying to bring down a government recognized by the UN as being valid. Angry over what happened at the end of WWII is fine but at some point you have to accept the reality of history.
  3. Outstanding design! If you don't mind will save that and use it on a website for a community in the country, we do need more visual reminders that we need to be calling for more fuel stingy cars and trucks and promote better use of our resources. B)
  4. Bravo EnviroGadget, owning your own piece is truly one of the best ways to protect it. As long as its in the hands of the gov, the rules can change from one year to the next...... :D
  5. Only on Enviro Space would you find an anti-semitic bot! :lol:
  6. Totally false, Hamas has been firing rockets for a long period with NO retaliation from Israel. You are so totally one sided and blind to the truth it is amazing! If it had been you and your family sitting there being shot at by the Hamas rockets maybe you would be able to extract your head out of your butt just far enough to see another side to this..... :info:
  7. Yes, I agree that Hamas is a bunch of disgusting monsters and the people that blindly support them are also disgusting. <_<
  8. True, most people that are a constant source of idiotic claims are assigned to the dust bin of history, and, a wasted opportunity. We seem to have more than our share of those kind of people these days, and those trying to rewrite history to justify their warped perspectives. :D
  9. Right, your government would just standby and let them shell your country and kill your citizens, total Bull Shit! :lol:
  10. Have to agree with you that it should, but, in the current political environment I doubt that it will. "Global Warming" is going to be the loser in todays economic environment. Obama, regardless of what he said during the campaign, is now running into the economic reality and his own party is giving him the first dose of reality. He has not even said his "vows" and the honeymoon is over! I suspect that what we see going on inside the EU is the tip of the iceberg so to speak.... Money has a loud voice, ie the current reaction to Russia cutting off gas!!! ;)
  11. My suggestion is that if you don't want to be called anti-semitic then do not respond to brettbh and myself as if you were! You have taken a 100% one sided view that Hamas was the ever innocent victum, totally ignoring the reality of history. Brettbh made an excellent point If you are not willing to take a hard look at how you are responding and admit that there is another side then I suggest that we stop this thread since your language is abusive. :sceptical: :info:
  12. In reality, most Christians could not care less about this! As usual you are always going to find people who are alarmed at anything, to some, Christian or not, the sky is always falling!
  13. It does have a lot to do with large population centers. People lose a sense of responsibility in the larger cities plus you also have as a percentage, more people with anti-social attitudes. When they ban together they are more likely to act out since they have the approval of those around them. I moved away from a big city for that reason along with some other problems I saw going on.
  14. Simon cannot answer the question because then he would have to admit that what Hamas has been doing for years is wrong, and I don't think you can get an anti-Semitic person to EVER admit that. <_<
  15. Hamas had a chance for peace and instead started firing rockets again , face it, these people are the worst form of hate mongers and have zero respect for the people who they try to use as shields. Those dumb enough to support them are no better than they are. <_<
  16. And as long as one poster appears dedicated to pretending that the rocket attacks by Hamas have no meaning and are in some twisted way, justified, perfect example of why this mess has been going on as long as it has. For some twisted reason Hamas aggression is not counted <_<
  17. "88% of the EU emission cuts to be allowed to do overseas in development countries." So in other words, the developing countries can make up for what the Swedish government does not want to do? Interesting concept! Or in plain language, passing the buck...
  18. But then you would have to declare most of the leaders in the EU to be war criminals! :D
  19. I have spent more time hiking in the Cascades, Mt Hood, Lake Tahoe area out there and the Appalachian Trail in this area.
  20. EUs new figurehead stirs contorversy Well, as if things were not bad enough, it now appears that the warming/cooling issue is going to become a tennis ball batted back and forth in the upcoming political war inside the EU. Be interested to hear various views on what is going on inside the current EU verbal war which does effect the rest of the world.
  21. Excellent response Treehugging_family, I live in the mountains of North Georgia which is a nice place to live a lot greener. Boulder area has a lot of great places to live and you have some great hiking trails in that area. :D
  22. I think they call that "creative accounting", considering the target is 11 years away you have to wonder if they are not betting on the rules changing again between now and then! In the mean time, the consumer foots the bill. Win win for Europe.
  23. No matter how good the cause, their is always someone who can figure out a way to scam people out of money.... <_<
  24. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT Great and sums up everyones impression of them :lol:
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