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  1. Green Products A green product or service is generally defined as one that is both environmentally and socially responsible. In short, the product or service is favorable and accountable to the environment and people that provides and utilizes it. Generally, green products and services are innovative, creative and are appealing to the mainstream consumer. They benefit the producers of the materials and the manufacturers and suppliers of the products. They show concern for ecology i.e. the plants, animals and ecosystems that underlie the production, supply and usage and the
  2. Although 2 million species have been identified, the total number of species may range up to tens of millions. There are a multitude of species of invertebrates that have not been identified. Unfortunately, current rates of extinction are estimated to be in the order of 100 times higher than rates discovered through the fossil record. Scientists suggest that extinction rates will increase to the order of more than 1 000 times prior extinction rates over several decades. At http://www.onebiosphere.com there is substantial discussion and debate over the problems of biodersity and anim
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