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  1. Check out this infographic that shows the impact of climate change on public health. Click here to see a larger version!
  2. Hello Daniel, welcome to Green Blog! :) 

    1. Daniel Matthews

      Daniel Matthews

      Thanks! I'm about to make my first blog post, I hope you like!

  3. Here's another image that shows how our homes would look like if we designed our houses the way we design our downtowns.
  4. Jag såg partiledardebatten i SVT i söndags kväll och den var tyvärr lika bedrövlig som jag anade att den skulle bli. SVT tar upp alldeles för många ämnen på en så pass kort tid att det inte blir någon riktig debatt om någonting. Partiledarna har bara tid att slänga ut några käcka one-liners innan deras tid är över och det är dags för ett nytt ämne. Det känns lite som att SVT behandlar partiledardebatterna som om de vore som vilket annat sportevenemang som helst. Det ska vara för- och eftersnack (helst också gärna analyser i halvlek) med så kallade expertkommentatorer som ger snabba kommentarer
  5. Check out this interesting video on Dutch "aquatecture" and sustainable buildings that float on the water - ideal housing solutions in a world where global sea levels are rising.      I would love to live in one of those floating villas! What about you? Do you think Dutch "aquatecture" can become a solution for not just the rich but for the world's poor who are living near rising sea levels?
  6. And here are the election results for Bristol West (which the video talks about)! Apparently the Greens came very close to winning with 26.8 percent of the total vote. But Labour received a few thousand more votes and won with 35.7 percent. All in all, the Greens didn't get any new seats but managed to hold Brighton Pavilion after getting 41.8 percent of the votes there. You can see the UK election results here: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/ng-interactive/2015/may/07/live-uk-election-results-in-full
  7. Painting your lawn green is insane. But what is even more insane is that you must do this due to regulations that - despite the drought - are forcing you to keep your lawns green. It's crazy!
  8. The United Kingdom will have a general election tomorrow. One party that has seen a huge influx of new members lately is the Green Party. The Greens have high hopes to make substantial progress towards the UK's parliament - or at least help push for more climate action and sustainable policies - during this election. But to be able to gain more support and political power the Greens will have to attract more people than their average young, well-educated and - let's be honest - hippie voter. In this video the Guardian follows a few campaign workers from the Green Party as they try to reach out
  9. Igår gjorde advokaten och KD-profilen Peter Althin allvar av sitt hot om att lämna Kristdemokraterna ifall Ebba Busch Thor blev vald som ny partiledare. I en debattartikel i Svenska Dagbladet förklarar Althin varför han lämnar Kristdemokraterna – ett parti som han numera känner sig sviken och bedragen av. Anledningen till att Althin lämnar Kristdemokraterna är att han ogillar den extrema högersvängen som den nyvalda partiledaren representerar. Det är framförallt abortmotståndet och kraven på hårdare straff som Althin dömer ut som gammalmodiga. "Jag gör det här för min egen skull. Jag vill k
  10. ​Ah yes, me as well to be honest. But don't worry, the frontpage will be updated with a better design soon that will look and behave more like the old one.
  11. Really interesting video, Alan. It shows that, contrary to some beliefs, climate change will also affect rich industrial countries such as Ireland. We are all in this together. But it is us in the rich industrialized countries in the North who have the historic responsibility for the current environmental crisis. The rich industrial nations have made a fortune on the huge and never-ending increases in consumption and energy. And this without caring about the excessive greenhouse gas wastes that has been created along the way. Countries, such as Ireland, therefore has a moral obligation to take
  12. Folks, Green Blog has just received a major update! And with this update comes a couple of new features, such as better posting options and a brand new calendar. Green Blog now also has a new website design. It's blue (Now green-ish!) and just temporary. I promise! A new design that will fit Green Blog better will be unveiled in a very near future. Some important things you need to know: Friends have been replaced with followers: In this version of Green Blog, members can no longer add other members as friends. However members can follow other members and receive notifications when the members
  13. Hello Alan Whelan, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  14. Hello greenstarenergy, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  15. Hello jfrazermann, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  16. Hello Preshy, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  17. Hello glennbrule, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  18. Hello kiara, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  19. Hello Management Paper, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  20. Hello humicharvest, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  21. Hello dawnrichard, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  22. Hello Jack Brennan, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  23. Simon

    Hello MWS, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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