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  1. How about: Current Ranks --> New Ranks Newbie --> Beginner ("Green" Enough?) Junior Member -->? Member -->? Sr. Member --> House's regular Hero Member --> friend of environment Silver Member --> Best pal Gold Member --> Treehugger Post Whore --> Al Gore 2.0 (because you talk/post more than Al Gore)
  2. Hi!

    How are you?

    I won't be able to access GB in the next five days, i'll be camping.

    Cya june 10th

  3. But do you have bridges? We call bridges to those extended weekends when we have a holiday on Thursday or Tuesday and you don't need to go to work on Friday or Monday...
  4. Now compare those 3 days to the 25 days of vacations plus a bunch of national holidays plus some less important holidays in some cities of the Portuguese worker. Isn't our country the best?!
  5. Yes 4334 (17.5%) No 20456 (82.5%) It's getting better and better :)
  6. Yeah, how could they win?! Obviously Spain was the best of the show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRQhZtbm97I
  7. Well i know that Portugal won't win. With so many good bands and singers, they keep betting in the same kind of music boring and melancholic
  8. Didn't know thing were so badly managed
  9. Maybe i will. although i know that Portugal has no chance of winning :/
  10. New Orleans will never fully recover from Katrina, in part because of the chance of happening another catastrophe is very big
  11. Loool So true! People are getting more and more addicted to their computer *look who's talking*
  12. I don't think that a negative point for apple, quite the opposite, coz that way you have an OS specifically created for that type of computer and not an OS made for many computers
  13. Fortunately that graphic come in all of the school books of sciences, this is a way of learning how precious is our water
  14. Looool Now talking serious tonight at midnight all gas prices will raise 3cents here in Portugal:(
  15. Hi Scott!! Welcome to the forum ;)
  16. You have been rated :thumbup:
  17. Wow, here gas is around 1.30 euros/liter, but in the last year it raised around 50cents
  18. Or just simply select what you want to copy and paste it on word page and them print it
  19. It's similar to hi5, you post some photos of yourself, create your profile and comment your friend's profiles

  20. Sorry for replying so late, only saw the comment today.

    I saw your invitation, but i don't like facebook very much:/

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