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  1. Just like in here, not all of our buses are that big and that new:)
  2. Yeah, they are better, but you live in Sweden and i live in Portugal so that's natural :P
  3. Fortunately our buses look nice and run on natural gas http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/6841/manlionscityarticuladoszi3.jpg ://http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/...culadoszi3.jpg
  4. WTF indeed, lool. It looks like he is smuggling drug or something and not birds
  5. Actually i spent the day at home enjoying the holiday
  6. Maybe it's not a mutation, maybe it's just a bigger rat just like we have people that are 2.4 meters high
  7. Humans are animals too and i bet you want to have more rights than just be killed in the quickest and cleanest way possible. They may not have the same power of mind as we have but they deserve to be treated with respect
  8. For heating the house invest in isolation and on thick clothes and blankets, you'll see that you will use less energy. For cooling isolation is also very important and wear less clothes B)
  9. Hi Kobra, welcome to the Forum! :)
  10. Fortunately yes, or we would have a major problem:)
  11. Yeah, abortion is a right that women have over their body, but it can't be like "i have nothing to do, let's do an abortion"
  12. Seems cool, though i didn't understand some part :P
  13. yeah indeed. One of the reasons why you should try to eat only local food
  14. That's ironic. How can they call them selves "green" if their food travels thousands of Km?
  15. Yeah, maybe you should wait for windows 7
  16. I think you'll hate vista after some days, just like happened to me...:(
  17. ROFLOL I can imagine Putin flying on his fight jet and listening to ABBA while destroy the enemies of Mother Russia :lol:
  18. Oh right, sorry Yeah, socialism is the same as communism, hail capitalism :rolleyes:
  19. Since when socialism is a bad thing? It isn't perfect but it's way better than capitalism
  20. LooooL He really got you with the "Jesus loves me more than you" line If he has an epic afro why he needs a hat, the hair should cover it all
  21. LoooooL If knew this was such an unusual thing in other countries i would already told you about this "advanced" technique:P
  22. Obrigado!!

    Tambem espero que estejas feliz:P

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