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Too late to avoid global warming

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We are all fucked... :mad:

'Too late to avoid global warming,' say scientists

Grim outlook for poor countries in climate report

A rise of two degrees centigrade in global temperatures – the point considered to be the threshold for catastrophic climate change which will expose millions to drought, hunger and flooding – is now "very unlikely" to be avoided, the world's leading climate scientists said yesterday.

The latest study from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) put the inevitability of drastic global warming in the starkest terms yet, stating that major impacts on parts of the world – in particular Africa, Asian river deltas, low-lying islands and the Arctic – are unavoidable and the focus must be on adapting life to survive the most devastating changes.


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Well more than half of the land mass in these countries is frozen. A couple feet of permafrost that we thought was always there is now melting and the land is becoming usable for humans. I wonder if we will screw it all up as we have done with our present land. I sure hope we will have learned something.

Example: Ice melting north of canada has opened the Northwest Passage for the first time on record. Never in the records has there been a ice free route. This is the shortest route connecting the Altantic and Pacific oceans.



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Who knows if Sweden will not became a tourist spot famous for the his sunny weather, white sand beaches and high temperatures

I rather want it to be famous for it's beautiful forests, archipelago, animal richness etc...

But according to reports it will soon have the weather that the countries around Greece has...

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Agree with only green no gray....

We shouldn't be asking what we can do about avoiding the difficult coming years when we talk all the time about recycle,use of public means of transport etc etc...We all know what we have to do,it's small easy tips of our daily life that will make the difference,and we should all start now,because we can't wait for the governments to wake up

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Sure changing your lightbulbs to CFLs or recycle is great. But it's unfortunately far from enough. We need to transform our way of life much more dramatically. The changes we need to make are just as many and difficult as the changes and things we did in the industrial revolution in the late 1800 and early 1900.

For example we need to completely ban the personal car usage, atleast ban the cars from the cities. We need to start an massive and collective/public transportation system that people can use instead of cars. A complete ban for personal cars would be the best option.

We (in the western) world need to stop the foolish WW2 thinking that planes should be free from taxes. That way it would be more expensive to take the national/international flight. We live in new times with new problems so why should we still be held by old laws from the aftermaths of WW2? It doesn't make any sense.

We need to realise that things and gadgets costs money and can't be as cheap as they are today where we replace our fully functional TV or computer just because theres a new model available. Globalization is a good thing in many ways but it's also bad in equally many ways.

We need to create a global CO2 tax system that actually makes it expensive to pollute.

Just some thoughts...

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If you follow Hubbert peak theory, we already reached the world peak oil production or we'll reach the peak within the next three years or so, in which case, we'll be forced to cut down CO2 emission very drastically. Interesting scenario to think about.

Oh indeed.

But the problem is that we have more coal than we would ever need. :(

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