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  1. I am pretty sure that this is the case for all peoples of the world. The longer we wait and contemplate what we ought to do about global warming, the more inevitable chaos and suffering are. The IPCC is pretty much, I think, the largest gathering of scientist ever for one problem. Why does it not carry the weight of true authority, I am really anxious to see what will become of the meeting in Bali this month. I am really upset that America is not sending a competent official there. burntoshine
  2. You know, they fall harder the taller they are. Us lofty Americans can only hold onto theirs material ideals until what? The stocks are awfully sporadic right now. Insurance is scared with natural disasters and fires being more of a concern, because of droughts from global warming. Glad you liked the tool joke. But we are the tools creating global warming, my very hands with this computer. Damn! But am I not blogging? I am a tool. So are you! jk happy friday!!! {{___***burntoshine***___}}
  3. you say that the western world has not ben hit with it yet, but recent sudies done over a the climate trends of the colorado plateau over the last 100yrs predict that we might be heading for a multi decade drought. What insurance can our current economy provide to us in such dire reports. I wonder what tools our society will produce to help cope, and if one could buy such? ****__-burntoshine-__****
  4. This is meant to be about the recent release of the fourth and final document by the intergovernmental panel on climate change, but I draw upon more than that. Does anyone have nay ideas how publicy policy might react to the ipcc document?? So thanksgivning was great. Hope yalls was too, I am glad to be back home though, Iam sad I missed our first storm of the year, and even more sad that there is hardly anysnow left of it, damn global climate change. Now on topic with it, I was thinking we are just going to have to live with this stuff. The africans are living with global warming, hell, th
  5. I just leanred that there is 30million barrels of oil under in the northern parts of Alaska. I wonder, how will global warming effect the arctic and further its resources? WIll they just melt?
  6. Welcome to the forum. I am a student at NAU and am glad to see a professor in the forum. Anyways what are you trying to do with the soloar panels, save energy? I think it would be cool if your students did something with the economics of solar energy. You can actually sell power back to the grid I heard, I think that is amazing. Is this an undergrad class or some applied reasearch?
  7. On Ecofeminism Ok you tree huggers and dirt lovers, THE EARTH IS NOT YOUR MOTHER., and this is why. The earth did not birth man, in the sense the this rock did not create man by itself. There was a large rock, Earth, and over time something strange happened that has not happened on any other rock, that we know of. Our rock could be seen as a mother to all life, in the sense that his is where the magic happen. But we have made a disturbing discovery about our mother, she can die. There are enough people with access to nuclear weapons, that enough of them got pissed off, a nuclear fallout
  8. So what ought we to do about these seeminy enevitable rough times ahead??????????????????????????????
  9. Well more than half of the land mass in these countries is frozen. A couple feet of permafrost that we thought was always there is now melting and the land is becoming usable for humans. I wonder if we will screw it all up as we have done with our present land. I sure hope we will have learned something. Example: Ice melting north of canada has opened the Northwest Passage for the first time on record. Never in the records has there been a ice free route. This is the shortest route connecting the Altantic and Pacific oceans. (**--__--**) burntoshine
  10. oh, how do you get one of those cool pictures next to your name
  11. Yeah these blogs are pretty cool. But in no way is this the only way to voice an opinion. I am kinda of the view that if yo uhaving something to say, why not scream it. I figured it would be a fun blog to do. I actually turned this paper into one of my professors under the name ""arent these journals pointless, because he makes us keep a journal. I got a laugh from him. (**--- __ ---**) burntoshine
  12. I am moving to Canada or Russia in the next 20 years. The only places that will benifit from global warming.
  13. As current trends predict, humans are way to comfortable to evolve, or change their way of living. Our culture, is sucking the life out of the Earth and all for what, so we can have more material posessions that ultimatley mean nothing. Anyways I believe that the future collapse of our way of life is to be seen as good news. This is what we have been waiting for. The forces of evil will be crushed by mother earth, and her sons and daughters will inherit the earth again. We will have a second chance to mess it all up again. It will be interesting to see what alliances will be made to control wh
  14. Yes, the only way we will change is to become one country, and nation. Environmental unity is discussed as well as environmental justice. Our current democracy is great in many ways. One it was the cummulation of the brightest free minds around 275yrs ago. Daniel Quinn says in the Story of B that we need a new vision. The currnet vision is best personified in our current revealed religions. I believe he would agree that our current vision is personified even more in our vision of governments. We have in our democracy two branches and a president that all work together to represent the views of
  15. Check this out http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/scie...ure/4226917.stm What is the number 1 environmental proplem. Well its is humans, of coarse. Its how many of us there are. We lived for over a million years in a sustained harmony with the land. Only once we learned to have power over the land in the form of agriculture(10,000 years ago) did we start to tip the balance. I must make the point of relating some relavencies I have seen latley. In chapter 3 in our college Environmental Sciences(2006), I was introduced to the view of our population as a closed sytem. A dynamic system b
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