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Little secrets to save our Earth...


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In this thread you find out how many(really many) things you can do to save the planet and we also encourage you to write your ideas,little secrets of how to save energy/recycle etc

So,let's get this started!


-Find out where the closest recycle bins to your house are,and fix your schedules in order to visit them on regular basis

-Use different bags to throw your recyclable garbage and place them near the usual bin,in order to avoid the temptation of throwing them in it.

-Even the smallest pieces of paper should be recycled,so have a bag for paper near your desk all the time


-Never plant plants during hot seasons,they need more water in order to grow roots.

-If you live in a dry country remember that a layer of leaves on the ground keeps it more wet,so less water is needed.

-Choose plants that need small amounts of water to live..cactuses and other plants are also very attractive!

-Water the plants at very early or late hours,to prevent water evaporation

Waiting for your ideas!!Don't hesitate,we need to know!!

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If you use a car it should be better to full up your tires cause they have little contact with the road.That means less energy-less gas!!!

It should be better for the enviroment to use high rpm's (4000-6000) cause with high rpm's the engine needs less gas to move the car. (Don't kill yourself though)

Better to use a basket for your car wash... Fill at least 5 times the basket,it's enough... saves a lot of water than using the waterpump!!!

That's for a start!!!Any desagrees or more opinions are welcomed!!! thumbup.gif

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Really usefull Daim!


-Choose a ceiling fan instead of airconditions,never use them in kitchens though cos it just moves the hot air arounf the room.In other cases it's really efficient.

-Carry only what you need in the car,less weight means less gas!

-Use the bicycle if your country provides good and safe roads!It's an excellent way to exercise and it doesn't get stuck in the traffic!

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This is a great idea to a thread!

- Eat local produced food.

- Eat organic food.

- Eat less meat. And when you eat try to eat meat from chickens or pigs.

- Don't take long and hot showers.

- Do not buy plastic bags or paper bags when you shop. Use one bag made out of fabric all the times instead.

- Do not drive a car.

- Do not buy a Hummer or a SUV.

- In your garden you should plant things that belongs to your countries flora.

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Happy you like it Simon!

-Defrost(=remove ice) your fridge on regular basis.A 5mm layer of ice increases 30% the electricity needed.

-Never place the fridge near ovens,other devices that produce heat or at a position were sun reaches.This can lead to 30% less energy needed.

-Hot food/liquids must be cooled before entering the fridge.

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-replace at least once in two months the oil from your car with new one... cause the used oil reduses the power from your engine....

-Get a bottle in the refridgirator for some hours.Then leave it in your table and use water from it... By that you don't open the fridge a lot times just for water. that means energy saved and it's the same thing!!!The ice bottle needs at least 2-3 hours to reach the temperature of the water pump! Mix it with the water from the water pump if it's to cold!!!

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How does this one about shopping only in the city?

-Support companies that are known to be eco-friendly

-Turn off the lights whenever they are not needed,even if you are leaving the room for a few minutes

-Never leave electric devices on the stand-by option,they continue to cosume 10-20% of the energy they consume when on.

-Some devices don't have a turn-off option,but only stand-by.unplug them!

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-Built your own windmill. Even a small one could replace the electricity in some machines in your house.It takes time but it's really worth it.

-Don't buy magazines. Buy newspapers!!!Magazines use plastic papers but newspapers use paper... If they could replace it with fabric, it would be a lot better!!!

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90% of the european newspapers are made of recycled paper.

Magazines can be recycled too Daim,it's just that their plastic coverage produces a low quality of recycled paper...

-Try to get informed through radio or the TV,in order to buy less paper.

-Recycle your batteries as well,they are very pollutant

-There are rechargable batteries on the market,with a very smart device that recharges them.

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I have a full box of batteries ready to go for recycle! I also use reusable batteries for my photograph, so I recharge them continiously!!! they're really effective.

My point with the magazines is that if we continue to buy more of them, they will keep making plastic paper!!! We shouldn't encourage them continue.

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- Don't take the flight if possible. Take the train or even the car to your destination instead of flying.

- Don't shop any Apple products.

Keep the ideas coming. Im planning on adding all of these ideas in an PDF that people can download.

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Apple is planning to become environmentally friendly in the future you know.

-Low the temperature of the thermostat for just one degree=10% less energy needed...

-Have the frigde 5cm from the wall,and clean all the back side pipes twice a year

-There is no point of having the thermostat of the frigde below 7 degrees Calcium,it just consumes more energy

-Print ONLY the articles/documents etc you really need to have printed..

-Always print both sides of the paper instead of using two papers

-For a non-formal/important print use paper that is already partly used

-If we have find public means of transport that are convinient to go to work,we let the whole staff know in order to use them.

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I'd like an Apple too Simon...Now I have an LG,but honestly I have no idea whether LG is environmentally friendly or not,if anyone knows plz tell me...

-Avoid buying anything for one use

-Never leave the water flowing while brushing teeth/shaving/washing hands...A tap left open wastes 9 litres of water

-Things we want to throw away but are in good condition(clothes,electric devices,magazines) ought to be given to charities/hospitals etc

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Awww...I see... icon_sad.gif Thank you for the info,I downloaded the guide...

-Use natural or bio-manure for your plants

-Try to buy biological products,from meat and fruits to cosmetics.

-When washing fruits and vegetables have a bowl under them so as to keep the water used.If you are sure that the fruits/veggies you washed had no pesticides,use the water you collected to water your plants.

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http://www.localcooling.com!!! It's a programm that saves energy from your pc. Simon found it,dl it all coz it's easy and our group must be in the top 100. But mostly we must reach top 10!!!
Yeah, LocalCooling is a good program. If you want to join our group and help us reach top 10 you can find more information about that and more over here. :)


- Don't buy water on bottle.

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And if you can't help it and want to buy water on bottle,buy only those made by glass,not by plastic!!!

-Reduce the plastic you buy,prefer biological materials etc

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