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Winter Season 101: How to Prepare your Home for Coldest Months

Autumn is not just about watching the leaves change their colors or monitoring the mercury drops in the thermometer. Many of us are easily enchanted with the changes happening on our surrounding when fall season comes. Oftentimes, we get overwhelmed by the cool weather caressing out skin and the scent of autumn.


Image courtesy of sxc.hu

However, there is one thing we should keep in mind when this time of the year comes. It is the time to prepare our home for winter. Why you need to do this? Needless to say, you do not want to be stuck in the middle of the chilling weather doing home repairs. Whether we like it or not, winter will bring ravages - both minor and major. And so to make your holiday season comfortable and worry free, here are few tips on how to get your home ready for the coming winter.

Test the Heater

One valuable appliance at home during cold months is the heater. This device gives us the heat needed to fight off cold. Just imagine if you do not have a heater at home. What will happen to you and your family? Thus, it is vital to keep this device at its best performance.

Check your heater for sign of damages. Try to conduct a test run to determine if it still functions properly. An effective way to figure out its current condition is to listen to the sound. Should there be any annoying sound or noise, it signifies trouble. Hence, it is better to call a repair service to handle it. If you do not have enough knowledge about fixing the machine, never try to perform a do-it-yourself repair. This might just worsen the scenario.

Prepare Fireplace

A good alternative to heater is fireplace. Let’s admit it. The best part of the house to hang out during winter time is near the hearth especially if you do not have a heater. Fireplace has evolved over time from traditional woodburning to natural gas or propane to electric. Regardless of their type, they have one primary purpose - to give us warmth.

If you are still using the traditional type, it is best to clean the entire fireplace to get rid of ashes, debris and other things that can hinder the fireplace from giving off enough heat. Start gathering and stocking logs in a dry place. Meanwhile, for those using other types must check the hearth carefully to ensure they are in good condition.

Check Windows and Doors

Take a look at your windows and doors to see if there are rotten parts, cracks or leakages. It is essential to repair any form of damages to keep heat inside the house. For cracks and leakages, it is better to seal them off. You may use a caulk to tightly seal the cracks. On the other hand, windows or doors with rotten parts should be replaced to eliminate possible heat escape.

Check your doors if they close securely leaving no gaps. If they do have gaps when closed, have them repaired. Another benefit of sealing cracks and other heat escape is saving energy; thus your energy bills will likely reduce.

Clear off Gutters and Roofs

Free your roof and gutters from any debris. Leaves and twigs usually accumulate in these parts which results into clogged drainage. If you have clogged gutters, rain and melting snow are blocked which can cause household leaks and eventually damage the foundation.

So the best thing to do this autumn is to get a ladder and garbage bag. Remove everything you found on the roof and gutters from leaves to dirt. In case you found mold formation on the gutter, you should remove them immediately. If molds are hard to clean, you may seek the service of professional cleaners, like the Lincoln Military Housing mold team to do the job. Keep in mind to take away any obstruction in the gutter to let the water flow smoothly.

Images from sxc.hu


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