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New Year’s Resolutions for your Home: Color it Green

It’s the time of the year again when we have to say goodbye and hello. Farewell to another year and welcome a brand new year. And as a tradition, we always have our list of New Year’s Resolutions for our self and life in general. There are people who are truthful to their resolutions; but most of us find it challenging to stick with these resolutions.

So you have a long list of New Year’s Resolutions which usually include personal ones like diet, savings, job stability, etc. Why not make a change this year and include your home in your list? We should have New Year’s Resolutions for our home too to make it a more comfortable sanctuary. These resolutions do not have to be major changes. Go for green!


Here are often neglected green initiatives at home. Adding these routines into your list will not only make your New Year’s resolutions distinct but it can show your support to the campaign as well.

Conserving Energy/Water

Okay, so you have heard this reminder since you were a kid from your parents, sisters and even teachers. The reason as to why it is always advised to conserve energy and water is pretty simple - to lessen consumption. The lesser energy and water being used, the more you are helping preserve our natural resources.

So it is vitally important to practice conserving at home. Many people might have sworn to conserve but have not kept that promise. Hence, you can help make a change. Include this resolution in your list and make sure you exert an effort to realize it.

Segregation of Trash

This green initiative is a pretty simple task. It has been promoted by the government to make waste disposal easier and minimize garbage brought to landfill. Many people are already practicing this project. Don’t be left behind. Be sure to include this in your New Year’s Resolution list and strictly implement it in your home.

Through segregation, you can identify which ones can be recycled and which one should go away. After implementing it successfully, notice a sudden change of atmosphere in your vicinity - cleaner air and surrounding.

Cleaning Using Eco-friendly Products

Who wants to dwell in a messy and dirty home? I guess nobody. We use vacuum to suck up all the dirt. We used different products to maintain the cleanliness in our home. But the question is - are these cleaning products environmentally safe? Many home appliances now have energy rating meaning they are eco-friendly. You may invest in these devices.

Instead of buying over-the-counter cleaning solutions, you may consider using homemade versions. Oftentimes, homemade cleaning products are less harmful (safe) to the environment. Additionally, you can save extra money from this option. Thus, it is highly recommended to opt for homemade.

New Year’s Resolutions are simple to make. The big challenge is the part when you have to accomplish each one on the list. Never forget to spare a small space in your list for your home. It does not really matter where you live, whether in one of those apartments for rent in Houston or a townhouse in an exclusive subdivision in California. The important thing is you can make your home more livable which may lead to running your life smoothly.

All images courtesy of sxc.hu


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