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Green and Money-Saving: Basic Home Renovation Ideas

Being a homeowner is associated with different responsibilities. There are certain obligations that homeowners needs to carry out for their homes as a way to make it more livable. And one of these is a home renovation project. It might sound expensive considering that renovation often entails spending certain amount of money. But there are simple ways to rejuvenate your home without the need to allot huge budget.


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Green initiative is very rampant these days. It becomes the primary feature of many housing communities today in an effort to lure potential buyers and to help save the planet. If your home was built before the popularity of green campaign, there is still something you can do to support green advocacy.

If you are thinking of a home renovation, you can integrate green initiatives in this project. Here are few ideas which involve green, at the same time help you save money.

Change Windows and Door

One part of the house that mostly get more attention are the windows and doors. That is why many homeowners want to ensure that windows and doors are hard wearing and appealing. Renovating the windows might require you to replace the entire structure. Many window styles are available now including, double hung, bow, bay, gliding, etc. Doors come in different designs too which are perfect options for either main entrance or patio.

What makes this renovation idea green? Most window and door styles today are made to fit tightly with frame. Thus, when you use these types of models, there is less possibility of leakage. Being airtight means no energy is wasted if you turn on your cooling or heating system.

Install Low-Flow Shower

Bathroom is another part of the house that might require renovation. One thing that should never be neglected when doing bathroom remodeling is checking the shower head. It is highly advisable to use low-flow shower head to lessen water usage. With a low-flow model, you will be able to slash water consumption for bathing. You can cut back approximately 50 - 70 percent of your water usage.

Conserving water is an excellent green initiative. Hence, installing a low-flow shower lets you minimize water bill and enables you to do your part in saving the planet.

Replace Old Appliances with Energy Star Appliances

A home renovation might also involve replacement of appliances. If you are still using older version of appliances, this might be the perfect time to replace them. But of course, you need to consider your budget if you can afford to have new ones. Most modern brands of appliances have energy star labels. These appliances are known to be energy friendly, which means they consume less electricity when used.

Obviously, if you can reduce your electric consumption, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money.

Opt for Sustainable or Recycled Materials

In your home renovation, you might need to replace old materials with new ones. But before you shell out money for the supplies, you might want to consider choosing sustainable materials. Maybe you have heard this statement a thousand times already; but, using these supplies boasts tons of benefits . These types of materials are considered to be environmental friendly and durable. So, you will not only be able to enjoy good quality but save money as well.

Home renovation is feasible without the need to spend a fortune. For simple tasks, you can do them on your own to save money. On the other hand, there are renovation companies like Normandy Remodeling, which can help you attain your goal in accordance with your budget. With green initiative in mind, your home remodeling can bring notable benefits to your family.


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