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Luxury Hotel’s Contribution to Going Green Campaign

As the campaign for going green continues to heighten, many first class hotels join the initiative to help save the planet. These hotels may seem luxurious and not caring about the environment. But the truth is, they do care about what is going on in the surrounding. That is why these opulent hotels are also doing their parts in supporting green campaign.


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Indeed, there is a long list of green endeavors that luxury hotels can do. All these can produce beneficial impacts to the environment if carried out religiously. It does not really take a scientist to know what you can do to help take care of our surrounding. In the meantime, here are some steps that hotel personnel execute to go green in their hotel vicinity.

Educate Staff About Saving Opportunities

Understanding the logic behind going green is important to truly carry out any initiative. That is why hotel management conducts seminars and awareness programs about the said campaign. This effort is meant to educate hotel staff and employees regarding its significance and what should be done.

Oftentimes, they educate the staff to:

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied employee-only areas

  • Switched off heating/cooling system when not in use

  • Always check for and power off unused hotel equipment such as exhaust fans

Conduct Regular Utility Audits

Unquestionably, hotels consume a huge amount of electricity and water. The bigger the consumption, the more dangerous it is to the environment. That is why hotel management aims to reduce water and electric usage. But of course they cannot afford to compromise the quality of service and comfort of their guests just because they are conserving. And the best way to ensure both is conducting utility audits regularly.

Staff should watch out for leaky faucet or shower heads. In case of leakage, they must report it so it can be dealt immediately and avoid wasting too much water. In addition, heating and cooling system should be checked on regular basis to detect possible damage causing it to consume more power. Proper maintenance of overall hotel utility system is vitally important in this initiative.

Use Energy Star Appliances

Needless to say, hotels employ different appliances in the whole vicinity. For instance, television set is always present in every hotel room. This is one of the many amenities that guests can enjoy from staying in the hotel. Oftentimes, there are also refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, hair dryer, etc. The kinds of appliances provided usually depend on the type of hotel room taken. Expensive rooms like presidential suite often have more appliances.

In an effort to support go green campaign, many luxury hotels today make use of energy efficient appliances. These devices have energy star label on them which means they consume less energy when used. Power efficient appliances are used in the entire hotel including the kitchen area.

Provide Recycling Bins

Recycling is not just applicable at home or in school. A lot of hotels likewise join this initiative to uphold the green campaign. Several luxury hotels provide recycling bins in different parts including lobby, kitchen, hallway and other public areas within the vicinity. By doing this, the management is encouraging the guests to segregate their trash by throwing what can be recycled into the recycling bin. This has also made the recycling process a lot easier to carry out.

With all the luxuries you can get from staying in a first class hotel like Palms Casino Resort, you would never think that they are also doing their share in conserving the environment. If all hotels and other establishments continue supporting the green campaign in their own little ways, it is not impossible to make the planet more livable for the upcoming generations.


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