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Green Pest Control: How to Take Control of Your Termite Situation


If you’ve noticed that your walls are sounding hollow and have seen wings around your home, you might be dealing with termites. These notorious pests feed off cellulose, commonly found in wood. As a homeowner, you need to deal with these pests as soon as possible, but in a practical manner. These pest control tips will help you take care of termites in as a green of a manner as possible.

Use Cardboard

You can’t eliminate every termite this way, but you can certainly reduce their population in your home. Put out strips of cardboard and wait for them to come to it. Since cardboard contains their sought-after cellulose, it shouldn’t take long for them to fall for this trap. Don’t just throw them and the cardboard in the trash. Instead, burn it so that you know they’re disposed of.

Use Solar Power

Termites often cause damage without you seeing them. That’s because they are sunlight resistant. However, if you put your wood furniture outside in the sun, they’ll have no choice but to follow it. When exposed to all this heat, they’re going to fry. Just make sure you bring your furniture back instead before the elements damage it.

Hire Pest Control

Getting rid of termites all by yourself is a noble goal, but it’s not easily achievable. Even if you are able to kill 99% of them, that remaining 1% can quickly repopulate. That’s why an esteemed pest control company should be called. Look up exterminators, like EMCO Pest Control, in your area and see what sort of tactics they have for dealing with termites. It’s worth it to know that you and your home are safe.

Freeze Them

Termites might not like heat, but they don’t do much better with the cold. Find a large freezer to stick your wood furniture into for several days. When you take it out, the termites should be effectively frozen and unable to cause further damage to your home. Depending on how much wood furniture you have, this could take several trips to the freezer, so be patient.

Dealing with termites can be stressful, but your stress will only increase if you ignore the problem. By tackling the problem head-on, you can stop them before they really cause significant damage to your home. By following these tips, you can make it so that termites are only a temporary setback.


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