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How New Technologies Are Making It Easier to Be Eco-Friendly


Eco-friendly living is becoming more popular all the time, and many companies and organizations are coming out with new ways for you to live in an environmentally-conscious way. As climate change and the dearth of natural resources becomes more of a concern all the time, it is becoming increasingly important to embrace eco-friendly living to save resources for future generations. Here are five new technologies that are helping to make this type of living possible in the United States and around the world.

Food Recycling Bins

While you most likely already recycle your plastics, glass, paper and aluminum, you may not be recycling your food. Most food waste can be composted to use as natural and cheap fertilizer for your outdoor gardens. However, rather than having to wait months before using this compost, new food recycling bins speed up the process to take only 24 hours.

Solar Wallpaper

Solar panels mounted on rooftops have been making it big in recent years, but new technology allows solar cells to be mounted on flexible papers. This lets the solar cells be mounted on practically anything, including the sides of building and along curves. They can even be used on mobile items, such as campers.

Footstep Energy

If you are longing to go beyond solar or wind-powered energy, you will be excited to learn about footstep energy. New technology is beginning to pick up on the easy way to gain energy just from the footsteps of humans. Some companies are working with shoes that can do this while others are working to create walking surfaces that can be used as floor tiles in train stations or sidewalks.

Learning Thermostats

While smart thermostats are not new, learning thermostats are new enough that they are not widely found in many people’s homes. However, they can save plenty of money and energy by learning your habits in and out of the home and programming themselves to be most efficient. It takes only a week of use before it goes to work for you.

Resistance Spot Welding

Although welding may not be the most exciting of technologies, it can significantly improve the environment when it is used efficiently because welding is necessary throughout many industrial sectors. Spot welding is far more environmentally clean than traditional welding is because it requires less energy and creates less heat than usual.

New technologies are coming out nearly every day, but not all of them are being designed to benefit the environment. As you purchase new technology for your home, car or workplace, try to choose ones that save the most energy, create new energy or create a healthier earth. Thankfully, because of the increase in interest in eco-friendly living, more companies are focusing on these and other incredible new and beneficial technologies.


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