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Go Green: What You Should Know about Recycling E-Waste


As the problem of e-waste looms ever larger in the consciousness of the American public, understanding what to do with those unwanted electronics can still be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable electronics recyclers where you can take your e-junk. At the same time, there are some important things you should know about recycling your electronics to ensure they end up in the right hands.

Not All Electronics Recyclers Are Created Equal

There are plenty of companies that offer to take your old electronics off your hands. It’s important, though, to understand what happens to those items once they’re carted away. A reputable company, such as Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc., will tear the electronics down to their individual component parts which can then be recycled. A less-reputable company may just sell the electronics in bulk to an overseas processor that will then allow the electronics to pollute the water and land of people in other countries.

Electronics Recycling Is Smart

While it might seem easier to simply send your old electronics to the landfill, that action can cause great harm to the environment. Electronics contain a multitude of harmful chemicals that can leach into the environment, leading to health issues for people down the road. By responsibly recycling your electronics, you ensure that these chemicals stay out of the land and water and that the materials in the electronics are given a new life.

Electronics Recycling Is the Law

In many municipalities, it is illegal to dispose of electronic waste in a landfill. Government leaders understand the data and realize that they don’t want all those toxic materials in the land and water that they, too, use. Some areas have stiff financial penalties if you’re caught improperly disposing of your electronics, so just do yourself and your city a favor and recycle those out-of-date e-devices.

Electronics Recycling Sets You Up for Future Success

Today’s electronic devices are marvels of technical wizardry. At the heart of these devices are various materials, many of which are actually quite rare. If you throw your electronics in the landfill, these materials can never be recovered, meaning they have to continue to be mined with greater and greater difficulty. If you recycle your electronics, however, you help ensure that there is a healthy supply of these materials for generations to come, ensuring that the fast pace of technological innovation can continue.

The World You Leave Behind

If you enjoy the use of electronic devices, chances are that you’ve been dealt at least an okay hand in life. Take the time to do something tangible to ensure the life you’ve gotten to enjoy is the life that future generations can enjoy, as well. Electronics recycling is an easy yet important way to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beautiful and amazing earth that we enjoy today.


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