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Spirea GmbH completed an ecological solar PV system for agro-industrial company Farolur SA, Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay, December 12, 2015

German cleantech company Spirea GmbH, together with its local partner ERGO SRL have announced the completion of a pilot solar photovoltaic system of 5kWp for company Farolur S.A. in Laguna del Sauce, Maldonado, Uruguay.

The project consists of the installation of 20 photovoltaic panels in the dairy farm and production complex of Farolur, located in the department of Maldonado (Ruta 12 Km 10, paraje Los Ceibos). The panels are connected to the network of UTE and will produce more than 6.000 kWh of green electricity per year, providing a clean energy source for use of the farm’s baby cow breeding and milking operations. Production exceeding consumption is not expected, but if any, it will be fed into the network of UTE under the micro-generation framework in Uruguay.

The project is part of the worldwide “dena Renewable Energy Solutions Program” coordinated by Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) - the German Energy Agency - and co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the “renewables – Made in Germany” initiative. German government has been actively supporting the world-wide dissemination of cutting-edge German renewable energy technology and know-how since 2002. The transfer of renewable energy expertise, the promotion of foreign trade and the facilitation of international development cooperation are part of the initiative.

Supported by dena, the cleantech specialists at Spirea have chosen the agro-industrial complex Farolur S.A., owner of the diary product brand "Talar" for this project for its ecological commitment and self-sustaining business strategy.

While the small solar plant is far from supplying the total energy need of Farolur, it is an important first step towards powering the agro-industrial complex with 100% green energy. It also allows the company to test the solar technology on a small scale and establish benchmarks for future expansion of the system.

Dr. Utz Hoeser, Senior Partner at Spirea said: "Working with an environmentally responsible client such as Farolur has been a great pleasure to us. The company has a keen interest in clean technology and made strong commitments to the project from the very beginning. Dr. Yolanda Crujeira and her team at Farolur are continuously seeking excellence in both end products and production process, and consider clean energy as an important part of Talar’s quality process. Beyond financial and economic benefits that can be realized for corporate owner of a well-designed commercial PV system, we believe that the biggest value of this project is contributing to Farolur’s vision of powering the farm with 100% clean energy."

About Spirea GmbH: Spirea Advisors is an independent cleantech consultant based in Berlin, Germany. The young boutique focuses on facilitating cleantech investment and cooperation around the globe. Since its establishment in 2011, Spirea has completed various successful projects across Asia, Middle East and Latin America. Spirea is the key implementation partner of the solar PV system at Farolur under the dena-RES-Project 2014/2015, and is positioned to play an active role in the Uruguayan cleantech market. www.spirea.de

About Talar / Farolur S.A.: Farolur is an agro-industrial complex engaged in the production of dairy products of the highest quality for the domestic consumption and export supply. Unites tradition in the craftsmanship of dairy products, a modern production system that meets the most demanding national and international standards in this industry has been established. The farm produces with the mode "full-cycle" so that the traceability of the final product can be monitored from the crops that feed the cows. The natural balance of the eco system is one of the permanent concerns of the Talar brand: producing its own energy, returning nutrients to the land, returning water to its natural cycle, recycling wastes, sewage and emission without impacting the environment. Another continuous effort at Talar is ensuring welfare of all animals: a balanced nutrition and professional cares, providing cows with a quiet life without stress, resulting in better milk products. www.marcatalar.com

About ERGO SRL: ERGO is a Company founded and managed by specialists in energy efficiency and renewable energies. In this field, ERGO is specialized in turnkey photovoltaic projects and assessing clients in electricity generation projects of all kinds. www.ergo.com.uy

About dena: The Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) - the German Energy Agency - is Germany's centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems. dena's aim is to ensure that energy is used in both a national and international context as efficiently, safely and economically as possible with the least possible impact on climate. dena is working with stakeholders from the worlds of politics and business and from society at large to achieve this aim. Shareholders in dena are the Federal Republic of Germany, KfW Bankengruppe, Allianz SE, Deutsche Bank AG and DZ BANK AG. www.dena.de


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