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Health Improvements While Living the Vermont Lifestyle

Becoming Environmentally Conscious As you might have known, air pollution threatens the livelihood of both humans and the environment every day. According to the EPA, “680 to 1,700 premature deaths have resulted in heart or lung disease,” which may be attributed to hazardous air pollutants linked to cancer. Continual exposure to the toxic environment has decreased the longevity of the average human life. Fortunately, many parts of the United States are fully dedicated to becoming environmenta

Emeline Browder

Emeline Browder

Throwing an Eco-Friendly Party: Tips and Tricks

Have a birthday or anniversary party coming up? Why not make the celebration a bit greener in order to help the environment? Check out this article for some eco-friendly tips on how to reduce your party’s carbon footprint. Hint: it should also lower the budget for the event. An eco-friendly party doesn’t necessarily have to be for an environmental cause. It doesn’t even need to have a nature theme or anything like that. People usually believe that throwing a greener party will mean upping th

Emeline Browder

Emeline Browder

Tips for Hiring a Good Tree Care Company or Arborist

Hiring a good tree care company or arborist will save you a lot of headaches. Professionals handle tasks like tree removal and tree trimming, which can be too dangerous for unskilled individuals. Here is a list of what you should look for in a good company or arborist. Trees are extremely beneficial. They keep the air clean, produce oxygen and help prevent soil erosion. They also provide beauty and shade. No wonder more people are planting trees in their yards – besides creating a charming la

Emeline Browder

Emeline Browder

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