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Cleaning Oil Spills - Old Problems, New Solutions

If there's one thing without which modern society would seize to exist, it's oil. (Well, living without Internet will also positively suck, but that's a whole different story right here.) Realistically speaking, for the time being, despite the billions of dollars that are being put into the development of green technologies, oil remains essential to the proper functioning of our lives. Oil supplies our factories and makes our means of transportation move, it helps trade, makes manufacturing and



What is Rainwater Harvesting and Why Do it?

One of the most prominent issues of concern to the entire global community are the water scarcities that are currently threatening us. Due to the evident climate changes, water shortages are becoming increasingly in number and intensifying. So bearing in mind the lack of fresh water and the vital need of fresh water resources to meet the rapidly growing demands of water, we certainly need all the help we can get. And so, many of us have found a simple, yet very efficient solution to that issu



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