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announcement Green Blog has just received a major new update!

Folks, Green Blog has just received a major update! And with this update comes a couple of new features, such as better posting options and a brand new calendar. Green Blog now also has a new website design. It's blue (Now green-ish!) and just temporary. I promise! A new design that will fit Green Blog better will be unveiled in a very near future.

Some important things you need to know:

  • Friends have been replaced with followers: In this version of Green Blog, members can no longer add other members as friends. However members can follow other members and receive notifications when the members they are following post. Old friends have been removed and you will need to re-add your old friends as followers. 
  • You cannot login with your username: Members will now login using their display names or email. If you are trying to login using your old username you won't be able to sign in. If you're having problems just send us a message at and we will help you sort it out.

Please let me know here in this topic if you see something that doesn't work or if you stumble upon something that seems broken. And if you have any questions about this major update and/or how things work just post here. :)

A longer list of new features will be posted in this topic later.

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I like it. But I miss the old front page. :(

​Ah yes, me as well to be honest. But don't worry, the frontpage will be updated with a better design soon that will look and behave more like the old one.

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