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The almost existential threat from climate change and environmental degradation is pushing our planet to the brink of destruction at an alarming rate.

We are polluting our environment at a rapid rate, killing our precious wildlife, and destroying important and unique ecosystems beyond repair. Human-caused climate change is breaking temperature records year after year, with no slowing down in sight. And global warming is making extreme weather events more common and causing human suffering on a large and destructive scale. We are destroying our little blue planet – our only home. To let this destruction continue is criminal. And if we don’t stop it, the judgement of future generations on the criminal negligence of this generation will surely be harsh.

Climate change and environmental degradation is a global problem. But the root of the problem lies in our unsustainable and destructive lifestyles. As such, the solutions must be both global and collective, as well as personal and private.

Acting against this mindless and ongoing destruction of our environment and climate means changing our lifestyle. And because we didn't act earlier we now need to take drastic actions and completely change our way of life in just a small time frame and, let’s be honest, that won't be painless.

You know this. We all know this. And the first step towards creating a better world for our self and future generations is to realize and come to terms with this. And because you are visiting this community – and maybe even decided to join it – means that you understand all this.

We created this community back in 2007 in an effort to help our self and others to live a greener and healthier life. We are no experts on this. But together we can help each other, spread the word, and make a real change. Now in 2020 we are re-launching this community, but just like in 2007 we still believe that human and civil rights, global peace, equality and democracy all plays central roles in safeguarding our environment and improving - in a sustainable and non-destructive way - the lives of all people on this fragile planet. And we will still encourage people to take direct non-violent action against CO2 emitting sources and protest against the current climate change inaction. 

Welcome to Green Blog and thank you for joining our community! Hopefully, you will have a great time here discussing and meeting new people.

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