Alan Whelan

A new documentary on Ireland and Climate Change

Hello Greenblog folk,

I just wanted to tell you about a short documentary i've made about Ireland and Climate Change, looking at how one small country contributes to and is vulnerable to climate change, it features some of Ireland's leading climate change scientists and activists and has some strong reviews from Irish national media such as the Irish Times and RTE.
More info and the film here
and it's on YouTube here
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Really interesting video, Alan.

It shows that, contrary to some beliefs, climate change will also affect rich industrial countries such as Ireland. We are all in this together. But it is us in the rich industrialized countries in the North who have the historic responsibility for the current environmental crisis. The rich industrial nations have made a fortune on the huge and never-ending increases in consumption and energy. And this without caring about the excessive greenhouse gas wastes that has been created along the way. Countries, such as Ireland, therefore has a moral obligation to take the lead in the fight against climate change - no matter if Ireland is only a drop in the ocean. 

Good job and thanks for sharing your video with us! :)

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