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  1. While huge fires are ravaging the US west coast, Trump continues to ignore reality and spread his science and climate denialism. In a recent press conference, the US president and clown-in-chief said that "it'll start getting cooler. You just watch ... I don't think science knows, actually." Click here to watch the video.

    BBC News also reports that:


    But Mr Trump has blamed poor forest management for the fires that have burned almost 2 million hectares (5 million acres) of land in California, Oregon and Washington state. During his visit to the US West Coast, Mr Trump - who has often denied climate change - repeated his argument on forest management as he met Californian officials involved in the battle against the wildfires.

    [...] In 2018, the president criticised California's forest management, pointing to Finland, where he said they raked and cleared the forests to prevent fires.

    The stupidity and ignorance on display here is so painful that it physically hurts. Humanity is doomed. 

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