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Its a GREEN BLOG.....

So does everybody do a little to help in a green way ?

Pollution is a main concern with me so the way I help is when doing the shopping take some bags so you don't have to go home with all the plastic bags they give you at the supermarket,unless they are biodegradable. There is so much wastage in commercial packing so its easier to buy more fruit and vegetables without packaging, healthier and less waste.

Products in the home a huge contributor to water pollution.......... :angry:

Chemicals used everyday by just about everybody so how can you reduce them and save money at the same time ? and help the environment, i have been getting my stuff at ecolurve dot com....... for some time now I first started with changing my washing habits, with chemically loaded washing detergents, did the switch to soapnuts or soap berries a natural biodegradable fruit that you can do your washing of clothes and around the house with.

Apart from them easy to use just put a handful in a cotton bag all supplied by ecolurve :wub: into your washing machine and they do all the work, after used several times you can throw them into compost or garden.

The list goes on but daily products such as soaps,shampoos, body lotions,powders,lip balms etc should and can be all natural and cause no damage to our GREEN WORLD. :rolleyes:

Please help us keep our earth a little greener. :rolleyes:

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Nice post/article. ;)

We could really do our own simple ways (or even big ways) on how to save our environment from destruction.

Personally, I am trying to reuse and recycle anything in the household. I use grocery plastic bags as garbage bags instead of buying the black/garbage bag. Also will use water and electricity wisely such as turning off and unplugging unused appliances or electronics equipments. Reusing water used in washing clothes in cleaning the bathroom and the floors.

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Great good to see we have something in common.........I also reuse shopping bags and they are biodegradable ones.

What really pisses me off here excuse da French I'm in Indonesia and they are so far behind in being ECO its a joke, anyway when you get take away on the rare occasion there is so much plastic OMG :angry: THEY GIVE YOU A PLASTIC BAG FOR THE BAG THAT ALREADY HAS A BAG AND GUESS WHAT THERE'S A PLASTIC CUP AND A PLASTIC STRAW AS WELL. :angry:

Anyway as they say here PELAN PELAN SLOWLY SLOWLY, :rolleyes:

It is so frustrating sometimes you just have to have a laugh.

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hehe yeah I know that feeling!

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