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Giving Up the Smokes


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I have recently decided that I am to quit smoking. I haven't been smoking long (only about 4 years) but I have decided that enough is enough, because if I don't, I'll look back in 10 years time and wonder why I didn't stop then!

Cold turkey never works for me, I've tried, I end up becoming a snarling beast and I don't want to put my friends and family through that!

I am slowly weaning myself off the cigarettes, one day at a time, and it is working, but it doesn't stop the craving when I'm at work or otherwise pre-occupied...

What are your experiences with quitting smoking? Any advice?

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I was a tobacco user for 17 years. Copenhagen was my vice. My method of quitting was quite unorthodox. I got pneumonia and the drugs I was on made me sleep a lot. Three days later I realized I had not had a chew for three days. Figuring my body was free of it I had to take this opportunity and quit. The mind battle later was not an easy one. I’d say it took a good three years for me to be free of all cravings. One year to be free of daily cravings.

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I smoked for 5 years from 16 to 21. I smoked 5 roll ups per day and 1 roll up equals half a cigarette, so I wasn't smoking many compared to most smokers. I went cold turkey and I found it quite easy after the first week. I suppose it would be different for someone who smokes more per day and gradually lowering the number you smoke might be a sensible route. How many do you smoke?

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Hey! Good luck IronSight! I think you're making an extremely sensible decision. 4 years is long enough and any longer you'll be kicking yourself.. in the lungs.

Going cold turkey is the best way. I know this from personal experience. It's all about replacing that habit with something else and trying not to surround yourself with other people who smoke. I didn't smoke much myself though so had no need to cut down particularly but I guess that's the right choice if you are a heavy smoker.

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Good for you!!

My best advice is to find something to do with your hands. And something to fill those times where you tend to pick up a cigarette. So for example, if you smoke right after meals, then you need to find a new habit to fill that same time slot so you're not sitting around, craving one.

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