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Conservative and pro-austerity governments in Europe falls one by one

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In elections last year the conservatives in Denmark lost their slim majority to a coalition of social democrats, greens and liberals. And more recently conservative president Nicolas Sarkozy lost his job to François Hollande from the French Socialist Party.

And it doesn't look good for other conservative parties around Europe. Prime Minister, David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, and his a coalition with the Liberal Democrats is losing support among voters in the UK. Also falling heavily in the polls is the right-wing coalition that currently governs Sweden. It is also looking rather bleak for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union party. And then we have Greece that is moving closer and closer towards a new election; an election in which Syriza, the "hard left", is expected to gain the most from.

Soon the political landscape in Europe might look completely different from what it does today. These surely are exciting times!

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The 'socialists' won in France, the left in Greece is gaining a strong foothold, and the Labour Party enjoyed a resurgence in the recent elections. Class struggle will be intensified throughout Europe in the next 10 years. There will be shifts from the left to the right. Pressure from below will force the mass organisations of the working class to move to the left. Exciting times indeed.

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The only threat I can see is that the anger against the austerity measures and the failing conservative and neoliberal policies will make people turn towards the extreme right and their hateful ideology. In Greece the far-right made huge gains in the recent election. And these were not your ordinary islamophobic racists in suits and combed hair. No these were actual nazis! But hopefully solidarity and knowledge will win over hate and ignorance.

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The social base for Fascism has been eroded, they can no longer turn to the mass peasantry for support because the peasantry no longer exists. There will be swings to the right but the Fascists will not have the opportunity to take power. The BNP were smashed in the UK. The right made gains in France and Greece, but the Socialists were elected in France and the left has more support in Greece.

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