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Verdegia S.L is the leading European integrator and supplier of next generation renewable energy products and services to clients throughout Europe. Established in 2008, the company has specialized in the development of renewable energy projects, in particular, solar engine solutions - the world’s most productive Solar Engine System that is designed for urban and rural homes, businesses and industry. Verdegia provide consulting and advice in renewable energies for developers, technologists, financial institutions, investors and contractors. Equity investment in renewable energy projects with own or third parties funds and services related with project management, technical and economical assessments of projects and due diligence.

In 2008, Verdegia took measures to implement technological advancements in renewable energy technology and provide clients with economical alternative solutions to energy production. Verdegía adopts the latest infrastructure and connectivity systems to support its products to comply within the framework of local and governmental regulations surrounding energy production and distribution. Verdegía services provide clients with a complete renewable energy management solution that maximizes investors’ returns. Verdegía solutions generate high returns for investors, free energy and income for its clients and security by generating energy independence.

Solar Engine Systems supplied through Verdegia offer true high performance power production that relies solely on ambient heat from its surroundings. The system operates 24hrs a day, 365 days a year and produces 0% carbon emissions. The Solar Engine produces enough energy for up to 12 homes within a 24hr operating cycle and is small enough to be fitted to roof tops and gardens with very low visual impact.

Visit: www.www.verdegia.com

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