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True Cost of Carbon Cap and Trade Regulation in USA


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A definitive new cost estimate debunks a common criticism of a cap-and-trade carbon regulation as a $3,000-plus "energy tax."

"This debate has sprung largely from a Republican misreading (why not be generous?) of an MIT study that led pundits and politicians to cry about the perils of a new "energy tax" that might cost American households $3,100 every year. (Though that claim has been thoroughly debunked, I seem to hear it every other Saturday in the Republican response to President Obama's weekly address.) The author of the MIT study puts the cost at $800, while the conservative Heritage Foundation estimated the annual cost at $1,500 and the Environmental Protection Agency estimated the cost at just $140 or lower."

READ IT: http://www.thedailyg...gy-tax-47062301

So... Can the right-wing trolls stop spreading their lies and misinformation about a cap-and-trade system in USA now?

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So... Can the right-wing trolls stop spreading their lies and misinformation about a cap-and-trade system in USA now?

Sadly, there is a legitimate difference of opinion on how much this will cost. Clearly, obama has no clue as to what the true cost will be nor does he care. This is nothing more than a way to raise money! It appears that most of the people who voted for it never read the bill and have no clue as to what is really in the bill, also keep in mind that one of the holes in the bill is that some of the major targets are well after obama would be out of office. The next administration can alter this bill if it turns out to be too costly and not achieving the correct results....

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