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Scientists claim to break speed of light


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This is huge! So far nothing has ever contradicted Einstein's theory of relativity. But if these results are confirmed and verified they will mark an important moment in science and shake up the entire world of modern physics. It would mean that scientists have been working with flawed views of physics for generations. We would basically have to re-examine all of our knowledge on how the universe works.

"An international team of scientists say they have recorded neutrino particles traveling at faster than the speed of light. [...] if confirmed, could overturn Einstein's theory of relativity and fundamental rules of physics."


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I wonder what the social and political ramifications would be if this turned out to be true?

Given the anti-science mindset of a substantial swath of people in this country. I can't imagine it not helping to fuel those fires. Personally I think a discovery like this would be great for us. Imagine the potential to learn more if it were true.

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That could be one of the most interesting discovery of this generation if they could prove it.

And hope that such discovery could be useful maybe in the field of medicine or other kinds of technology.

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