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"EWaste" Exports - a Fair Trade Solution?

WR3A Robin

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Fair Trade Recycling video (eWaste)

This trade association makes the case that if computer exports are outlawed, only outlaws will export computers.

The WR3A is promoting a "Fair Trade" model, similar to coffee. Just as a coffee boycott would not have really helped coffee farmers, a simple ban on exports leaves the technicians overseas to fend for themselves or go 'barefoot and pregnant' into the millenium.

We are interested in views, opposing views, and comments at www.wr3a.org

One of the Fair Trade Ewaste projects was just profiled on NPR's Living on Earth http://tinyurl.com/o6ev7m

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Hey Robin,

the 1st link doesn't work! (it takes me to the discussion of Battlestar Galactica on this forum-?!)

Is the 2nd link a transcript of the YouTube vid?

I'm personally interested in this issue too, I hope our old TVs & monitors aren't dumped illegally in Africa or such!!

more transparency is needed in this area!! total transparency, that is!

(every waste company needs names & addresses &/or links to other companies taking the TVs/monitors..)

with today's technology, all this could be totally tracked & shown online!

I would love to see films of procedures, what is done with TVs/cathode tubes that broke..? (& with the 'waste'..?) How are they transported so they don't break? Basically, knowing more could help people trust more..

& ideally people could get converters for free or very cheap!! so they could continue using old TVs!!

old TVs do use more electricity, so ideally there would be a plan for solar energy or something.. (put a solar panel on your roof, get a free converter? :) just an idea! :))

lead glass from cathode tubes is very toxic, & I read it's not in high demand (cause no or very few CRT monitors/TVs are produced..) what to make of the lead glass then?

I do wonder about this copper smelter that is mentioned - what will they do with that glass & how? Do you know?

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