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How do you preserve the environment? Each of us has our own way to be eco-responsible... Tell us all about it for a chance to receive the world’s first recyclable USB Drive, the ATP EarthDrive!

The ATP EarthDrive is part of Project:EarthDrive, a partnership initiated by ATP with American Forests' Global ReLeaf Projects - reforestation projects that help plant trees all over the world.

We're giving away one 2GB EarthDrive each week throughout April. Send your stories to earthdrive@atpinc.com or check out http://earthdrive.atpinc.com. Also, check us out on Facebook and become a fan!


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Hi Miranda!

WOW! A recyclable USB drive - can you tell more?

How exactly is it recycled & where, etc?

Is it available in USA only, or worldwide? Europe too?

Is there a worldwide takeback programme too?

I'm trying to go zero waste & bugging my family to go zero waste too! :)

You can check my progress at Layla's Experiments

We've recently put up a 'stop junk mail' sticker (Dad & Sis really fought us on this one!), my Mum's made zero waste butter, I started fixing my clothes instead of throwing them away & buying stuff with no package at a farmers' market (even if we actually didn't have one! - apparently there will be a monthly local farmers' market here soon too!).. lots and lots of small things, that do add up...

While our neighbours make 1 full bin of trash a week, we often just made 1 small plastic bag - & now even less! :)

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I have written about the EarthDrive on Green Blog... ;)

How exactly is it recycled & where, etc?

I would think you have to return it to a recycling station that take care of computer and other electric stuff. It's just that all parts on this USB drive can be recycled.

Is it available in USA only, or worldwide? Europe too?

I have no idea but I would guess a few shops in Europe are selling this USB drive. But you can always buy it online.

Is there a worldwide takeback programme too?

I doubt that. But like above I have no idea. I would think the takeback program is only available in USA. In Europe you can just go to the nearest recycling station and hand it in.

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