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Endangered Species Chocolate


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This is a kind of chocolate that is commonly found at natural food stores. Money from each chocolate sold goes to helping endangered species and their habitats.

I love how many have natural flavors and ingredients as well as how it helps animals. I can read all of the ingredients and I know what they are without looking it up. If you haven't tried them yet you should. I've never felt guilty about eating them :D

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It is my first time to know this "brand" of chocolate. Is this just available in the US? It was always nice to know people or companies that are exerting effort in helping the animals and the environment. Nice that you had promoted the product here in this thread. ;)

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I have tried some of this chocolate before and it is very good, I believe they are called "something bites".

Thanks for sharing and reminding me.

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Just finished making another batch of chocolate so good :)

If your not a slacker ( lazy Mother ) you can buy you own ingredients to make a healthy chocolate yourself.

1 It saves you $$$$$$$

2 Its better for you ( natural ingredients ) Raw Dark non alkalized Cocoa.

3 The only Problem you will have is everybody :mellow: loves it so you gotta hide some :rolleyes:

4 Also you can help with ( Fair Trade) villages and Families earn a living. :rolleyes:By buying 100% natural ingredients in bulk from a direct source like ECOLurve.

A quick Recipe 1 cup of Cocoa powder 1 cup of Cocoa Butter 1/2 cup of Coconut oil handful of Mixed nuts,Goji,dates,dessicated Coconut,Sunflower seeds,Raisins and Palm Syrup to sweeten or honey.

Melt Cocoa Butter in double boiler with Coconut oil if hard add all other stuff in your own quantities......

Mix taste when sweet enough place in a oiled class container then straight into the fridge till set. ^_^

Then when it is set take it out of the fridge and Run or hide to Sample it :rolleyes:

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