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Fox News: Home of the Republican Eye


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:ph34r: After the Presidential debate, over 80% of the polls found that people thought the debate was won by Obama. Most of the news stations gave both Macain and Obama a close match with Obama better at the economy and Macain better overall at war and foreign issues. But Fox News commentator overwhelmingly insist that Macain won by a huge margin, making a big deal of minutia like "Macain said I`ve got a soldier`s tag and Obama tried to one-up him by saying he`s got one too", focusing on Macains touching reason to make the war count but not even mentioning Obama`s equally valid reason that people are telling him to stop the war and not make any more.

:crazy: Not surprisingly, when Fox asked it`s viewers to vote on who won, their results show Macain winning by a majority. Makes you wonder what percentage of their viewers are Republican or are swayed by their comments. In general people tend to focus on the news channels that agree with their views ad Fox`s clear bias and faux-impartiality certainly suggests that they are aligned with the Republicans.

Call me crazy but I call it how I see it.

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I watched the debate. I would say none of the candidates clearly won. But in my eyes Obama won this debate.

This debate topic should have been an easy thing for McCain but all he show was ignorance and stupidity. What was up with the lie about Pakistan that McCain tried? And the comment that north koreans are smaller than south koreans? :blink: :crazy:

Obama looked and behaved more presidential than McCain.

And. Fox "News" is the republican propaganda machine. Sort of like Joseph Goebbels was in nazi Germany.

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I watched the debate. I would say none of the candidates clearly won. But in my eyes Obama won this debate.

Joseph Goebbels

I think obama demonstrated a greater degree of ignorance and stupidity myself. :lol:

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