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Being a science and tech geek I get a lot of questions from friends, family and friends of theirs asking how they can make simple, inexpensive changes to become more eco friendly. Most of them already understood the recycle - reduce - reuse process for everyday garbage items, but didn't quite see what else they could do.

What I found was that most people wanted to change but didn't know how and when they found out how they really needed convincing to keep going. They didn't want to go back to the basics... at least not until they're comfortable with where they were and could see where they're going. And most of all they love their gadgets and tech.

So I decided to collect whatever useful gadgets I could find and created a site that mixes useful info with affordable products and give you significant savings when possible plus tips on what to do next and how to tie each one into the previous and next to really start to see major changes.

Check it out, I called it Eco Powered Tech to signify the use and merging of eco friendly gadgets with energy saving gadgets and clean energy sources. The main aim of ecopoweredtech.com is to save you money to show you that eco powered tech contributes to sustainable living by giving back to the environment and to your wallet. If you step through the site in the order presented on the left menu you'll get the idea. Or you can peek ahead to some of the juicy tidy-up tidbits to help you reduce cost, reduce energy, reduce waste and help to reduce global pollution.

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