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I have heard alot of buzz about carbon offsets and the different views people have on it. I personally went to a site ( www.beacarbonoffsetter.com) and calculated the amount of carbon I personally put into the air by doing all of the things I do on a daily basis. I used the second calculator under information and it gave me the carbon emission in tonage..... which was eye-opening to say the least. Up until now, I thought I was doing my fair share of protecting my environment in the ways I knew how....but I don't feel that it is enough.

I am growing weary of hearing all the political views that say that I shouldn't be concerned with the direction we are headed and yet I know in my heart that alot of things we do can't possibly be good for the earth that my children are inheriting. I cannot think of the day I will be gone and my three girls will be left with a mess that we all could have helped to prevent but not take enough of an active role. It is just as much my problem, if not more than their problem.

In the end, because I am still searching for ways to personally change my ways, I purchased offsets off of the site. I figure that I can help to fund projects through people or organizations who have the knowledge and the resources to delegate the money to the best place. I liked this particular site because I could easily navigate through it and it wasn't fussy. I actually am considering donating funds monthly.

I am glad there are people and organizations out there that are doing more to work toward a better understanding of our earth and how we can make it better today and for tomorrow. Anything else just seems irresponsible on our part. We only borrow this earth for the time that we are here. We should take care of it.

And for anyone who reads this blog, go to the website and calculate your yearly tonage. Maybe it will open your eyes too.

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I hear you about being frustrated that I can only do SO much with the resources I have, and have also opted for funding or supporting initiatives that have the infrastructure to do more good and on a bigger scale (although every little bit helps...).

Personally I enjoy what Land Rover is doing (being a bit of an enthusiast) obviously I was pleased when they brought out their Our Planet site which outlines their CO2 offsetting programs and initiatives very nicely. I think it is commendable of Land Rover to be doing what they can, considering they contribute to the state of CO2 emissions quite radically over the past 60 years or however long they have been in operation.

Have a look at the site, I was pleasantly surprised at what they were doing...

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