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Will we eat laboratory-grown meat in the future?


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Is laboratory-grown meat, or in vitro meat, a good idea? What do you think?

We all know that the meat industry is a dangerous threat to our climate and overall a questionable industry. The cattle release CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases. They also use a lot of land areas, around 25% of the earths total land area. And about one third of all farm areas are used to grow food for the cattle.

According to studies the meat industry is responsible for about one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions, in the world. That means they currently pollutes more than the whole transport sector. And by year 2050 the meat production is expected to increase with 50%.

And then I haven’t even mentioned the rather obvious animal suffering.

But maybe, if some “environmentally concerned scientists” get their way, the meat you’ll eat in the future will be produced inside a lab. Scientists from the In Vitro Meat Consortium are currently trying to produce meat from muscle tissue for human consumption.

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My concern is the environmentally concerned scientists producing something that is even worse than what we have now! <!-- s:( --><!-- s:( -->

You mean those paid by the "corporation" ? Lost souls and no scientists at all ...

On the subject :

Some will certainly eat it. Me ? Don't think so. It is not like there is a problem growing your own food and breeding animals. Ok there may be a problem for those in the cities but I really don't care if they cannot find some good, quality meat from local markets and farmers. I should not go further so I don't insult people ( that may feel offended ) ;) But I am sure some understand where I was going to....

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