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How do you conserve energy?

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I conserve energy in many ways:

- By turning off unused lights.

- Using a power regulator.

- When charging making sure to remove the charger from the outlet when battery is full.

- Use fabric conditioner so you seldom use flat iron for your clothes.

- Use coal to cook or grill food or boil water.

Those are some of my inherited ways, what about yours?

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I also have my own simple ways to conserve energy.

- I do not watch TV often.

- I turn off the lights when it is not needed just like when my PC/TV is open or i am sleeping.

- I do not iron my clothes.

- I turned off the PC if not in use and will unplug all appliances not in used.

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- Turn everything off. (Unless its in use of course).

- Unplug electronics not in use. (phone chargers, TV, PS3, I even unplug my microwave.)

- Adjust AC and heat accordingly, to use less.

- Open blinds for lights. Close blinds in rooms not using to keep heat out.

- Use cold water as much as possible.

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If we put a little more thought into our actions, we would not need of others to show us lists of the smallest tasks to do and save up energy. It's not enough that we are doing good things, we need to teach others to do them too.

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I am going to spam-promote another link to the main blog if you don't mind. ;) Here is 15 ways under $30 to save energy.

It's also worth noting that conserving energy is not just about reducing the electricity that you use in your home. Everything we do or consume today has in some way or another relied on energy in is process. For example, you can conserve energy by choosing to buy less clothes. You conserve energy by buying a smaller car instead of a gas-guzzling SUV. If you choose a diet which contains much less meat you are also conserving energy and helping the environment.

What I am trying to say is that turning off the lights and changing your light bulbs is good. But it's far from enough. We must think about energy conservation in much bigger ways. :)

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lol I don't use much, ummm I just use my computer (which I have in energy saving mode), a fan that doesn't use much energy, don't use much lights here (natural light ftw!), don't iron, don't watch TV and don't have a cell phone (no chargers really).

My bad habit I will admit is using a lot of hot water when I shower lol..

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To conserve energy I've learned that not only turning off electronics, but unplugging them takes quite a bit off my energy bill. I also generally keep all lights and the air conditioner off when it gets dark and I use a small lamp or candles to light my apartment.

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I try to conserve energy by turning off lights when not in use. Only using A/C when it gets unbearable. Doing laundry before noon. As where I live from noon-7pm that's the time when electricity costs most so try to get laundry done before noon. Sometimes I don't use the dryer but put clothes out on a clothes line to hang dry.

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I also conserve energy through the following ways:

  • unplugging all unused appliances
  • lessening the use of TV and electric fan specially when it is cold outside
  • I don't use flat iron at all :D
  • I use netbook instead of desktop PC
  • charging my cellphone fully so that I don't have to charge it over and over again
  • turning on the lights only when it is dark
  • using bulbs that has low wattage

I guess that would be all. :)

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Using power bars are very good to conserve energy. Stuff like computers use up a hell of a lot of energy when turned off, and using a power bar to turn on/off the switches will save you a lot.

Are you referring to power strips??

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I don't use dish washer of a machine to wash my clothes. I hand wash all my clothes and dry them outside on the lines. I also don't clean the utensils with warm water and I have minimized the amount of water I use for warm showering. If its not in use, then its always turned off.

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We conserve energy by using LED (light emitting diode) bulbs which use very little energy and are environmentally friendly.

We also only use hot water when it is necessary.

We accumulate dishes neatly to wash one time in the evening. Similar situation with clothes, and only iron items that need ironing.

We switch everything off at the plug, otherwise it still leaks energy out.

We use a green energy hotplate to cook food on most, if not all, days. It does not use electricity nor gas but a green gel made from sugar cane, I think.

Ehm, yeah...just being conscious of what we do and how we do it and we also do not buy foods that come heavily packaged...as lots of energy was used to create that unnecessary packaging.

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People who visit our home finds it amusing to see "Turn the lights off after every use" posted on our wall. That is one way we conserve energy use at home. Also, inside our rooms we have "Please unplug your e-appliances if not in use". These posts reminds us to help conserve energy at home. We have these reminders posted in places we often use, in the kitchen and in our bathrooms. We used to forget a lot and so these reminders we're posted. Besides helping with the utility bill at home it saved our home from being burnt into ashes by leaving appliances plugged.

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Other than the usual good habits of turning off the unneeded appliances when not in use, we also replaced our appliances and computers to the more energy efficient ones.

- One by one, as budget allows, we replaced all our light bulbs with LED bulbs.

- Since we only use computers for moderate tasks like surfing, word processing, and simple programming, we replaced all our heavy desktop computer set ups with laptops. We didn't see much difference in the performance except that we have to work with smaller screens now.

- We only work in one room and we transferred our workdesk to a room with large windows so we won't need to switch on the light during the day.


With these practices, we were able to significantly lower our energy consumption, resulting to a lower monthly bill. 

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To save energy

   -Turn off lights

   - Unplug things not in use

  - Dry clothes out on the line

   - Keep house at constant temperature so air/heat doesn't have to work all the time

  -Open windows whenever I can


I know it is not much, but I think every little bit helps.

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Where I live, everyone has started using solar power to conserve energy. It also reduces their monthly expenditure to a great extent. In our home, we use a solar water heater and solar electricity back-up. In our region, electricity is pretty costly, and by replacing a geezer and local electricity in our home, we are able to save a lot per month. In future, I would also like to see the development of wind energy in our country as dry wind is very common here during summers, and this energy can be used extensively for various purposes.

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