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A PC with LOW energy consumption: less than 5 watts


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I have looked at the Linutop pc for some time and felt it to be a good idea:


Mandriva Linux have just started selling them through their store, e-mail copied below, which prompted this post:

Impress your friends with the smallest PC!

Linutop + Mandriva Flash Pack are now available Mandriva Store!

-- Run your Mandriva Flash on a Linutop.

Linutop is a small computer running from a USB key. Without internal

hard drive, linutop is extremely robust. It offers a completely

silent, energy efficient operation in an extremely small package.

Plug the key, start your Linutop system everywhere, save and exchange

your data on the free space, up to 3GB!

http://store.mandriva.com/product_info. ... cts_id=381 -- Impress

your friends with the smallest PC!

Why choose Mandriva Flash + Linutop Pack?

* Small: Linutop and the Mandriva Flash can fit in your pocket!

* Mobile: Take it everywhere and make any desktop your own! *

Silent: With no mobile parts your PC is totally silent! * Fun: Now

you can hide your Mandriva Linux PC on your desk! * Safe: You don't

touch your other computers * Storage: up to 3GB available for user


* Low energy consumption: less than 5 watts

* Simple: Just plug and use!

-- About Mandriva Flash:

Mandriva Flash 4GB version provides a full-featured system - Mandriva

Linux 2007 KDE 32-bit - that requires no installation, on a bootable

USB 2.0 key. All you have to do is plug in the USB key.

For more information about Mandriva Flash: http://www.mandriva.com/linux/flash

-- About linutop:

Linutop is a small energy efficient PC. Processor: AMD Geode LX700

(x86), Memory RAM: 256 MB, 4x USB 2.0 ports

Audio in & out, Network: 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ-45), Video: VGA

output (SUB-D15), Size: 9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm (3.66x1.06x5.9 in), Aluminum

Case, Power: DC in 9V - 1,5A (5W), Weight: 280 gr (9.9 oz), AC Adapter

220V With no mobile part Linutop is robust and totally silent.

For more information about linutop + Mandriva Flash pack:

http://store.mandriva.com/product_info. ... cts_id=381

The Mandriva Team

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