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I had no idea what this meant. Am I the only one? I can't be!


Conserve your H2O! Don't leave your water running when you brush your Teeth. Cut your showers in half.

Compost is easier than you think. If you have an outdoor compost pile make sure you are feeding it! Egg shells and fruit peels are great for your compost because it feed the worms. WORMS are the key to turning around your waste into rich dirt you can reuse. You can do indoor compost as well- just make sure you have a lid with air holes for the worms and so the compose itself can "breath".

Mulch your fallen branches and reuse the debris for landscaping.

Leave your lawn clippings on your lawn! Reduce waste and feed your lawn!

Unplug electrical things that you are not using from your outlets.

Change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones!

These are small changes that can go a LONG way! Try them out!

I'm still learning about Going Green! I'm no expert so if anyone else has great tips or suggestions please leave a comment for everyone to read!

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Well there is a lot more things normal people can do. These mentioned things are just the basic stuff.

Yeah, but if everyone start doing what she suggest it would have a great impact in the environment

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