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On Ecofeminism

Ok you tree huggers and dirt lovers, THE EARTH IS NOT YOUR MOTHER., and this is why.

The earth did not birth man, in the sense the this rock did not create man by itself. There was a large rock, Earth, and over time something strange happened that has not happened on any other rock, that we know of. Our rock could be seen as a mother to all life, in the sense that his is where the magic happen. But we have made a disturbing discovery about our mother, she can die. There are enough people with access to nuclear weapons, that enough of them got pissed off, a nuclear fallout would ensue. This would hypothetically wipe most all of the advanced organisms on earth. We have found out how put huge metal tool upon the surface of our mother to manipulate life. We have seen fit to putting mother into a nursing home, she is getting old and dying, just as the Nature Conservancy puts our beloved mother under its care.

Well it all depends on what your definition of the earth is. The most basic description is that the earth is a rock that rotates the sun. A more specific definition could include talk about our atmosphere and water and what not. Life happened on our rock for what reasons. Our earth rock is where life first started, so far as we know, but did the earth will it done. Is she actually a deity, Gaia.

All of the basic elements needed to start the life on our rock are found everywhere else in the universe. The Miller Uray experiment is so crude but yet is the best answer we have for how it started. They re-created the atmosphere and put electricity to it. Well once you create a sphere like cocoon and ad energy to it, it is to be expected that the energy would be captured in the sphere. You see the similarities of the atmosphere and electricity as being an egg and sperm, but what chance created our atmosphere, was it the earth goddess. I see the force behind creating life here on earth to be our actual mother. I see it as we are living here with our bothers and sister, all as one organism called life, and that this mother she actually not be perceived as male or female.

It is to be noted that women are very beautiful, very sharp minded and strong enough to give birth to a new being. All of these female attributes are prevalent in Nature. The only difference I see is that on earth, something(life) was created from nothing, a huge phenomena. Women do have bellies that suddenly grow a lump inside and bam! there is another life. But is this really making something out of nothing, there was an egg and a sperm. What then, the earth is the egg, then what is the sperm, because both are needed to produce new life. As much as women want to think men are useless, now sex not even being need to reproduce, sperm is still needed. Maybe women will find some way of releasing both egg and sperm, oh god to think of the population then! There are many female attributes to our world and it does feel inherent to me that the earth is lovely like a woman, I suppose this is just the nature of life. It is all how you perceive it. An Indian see the world as a plentiful fruit bearing place that truly gives him life, the hunter gather see the world as a survival of the fittest, competing for his food and energy/life, the capitalist would see the world as a mean to making money/fame/life. The soul of life resides here on earth as a collective and when I look at you I see a piece of it.

"Go confidentley into the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have dreamed." - Henery David Thoreau

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