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How can we improve this community?

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As you probably can see this community is still very new. It's really just a few days old and I am still working on setting up everything and fixing all these annoying bugs.

If you have any ideas on how this community can be improved please share those ideas here in this topic. Maybe you think the design is awful? Or maybe you think the forum categories are too obscure, too many or even too few? Maybe you don't like the navigation? Or maybe you just hold a simple grudge against the innocent smilies? :lol:

If you find anything that looks weird or doesn't work please let me know about that in this topic instead.

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The design, the categories and the navigation are fine... The only think that missing from this forum is a chatroom. :)

A chatroom would be very nice!

That's a good suggestion! I've actually considered adding a chatroom. But I think it will be better to wait a little until the forum grows bigger. I mean, what's the point in having an empty chatroom? ;)

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I really dislike on how the topics are laid out. I prefer a liquid width instead of something fixed. I like the theme, but that is what kills it. Could you add another theme or fix that?

Edit: Also can you enable it for me to collapse and expand categories??

I won't add back those features in this theme. But I plan on adding a second theme that people can use. I'll just need to finish the current theme first. :)

Also if you do not decide to have the logo link back to forum index, then could you add back the breadcrumbs on the board index?

Yes I am aware of this problem. Later today I plan on adding a proper menu so that it will be easier to navigate between the main blog and the forums.

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Okay, I have listened to some of your opinions and needs about the main skin being too white/bright or not fluid enough. So I've added a new skin that everyone can use if they somehow can't stand the current main design. :)

The new skin is called "Overlay Green". You can easily switch to this new theme by looking at the bottom left corner and click on the "Change Theme" link and choose the "Overlay Green" skin from the drop-down list.

Please let me know what you think of this new skin! :)

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I have added a proper menu here on the forums. You might have to click on your web browser's refresh button before you can see it properly. Just hover your mouse over the Green Blog logo and the menu will show up.

I plan on adding the menu to the main Green Blog site in the coming days.

Thanks it is working and this is one of themes I had on my forums including the red one :D.

And thank you again.

Edit: Also have you thought of importing RSS feeds off your main website??

Great! :)

Yes, I've thought about importing the blog posts to the forum. But I am still considering the pro's and con's.

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Our community now has a brand new default skin! Please post any feedback you might have on this new default skin here in this topic. :)

In this new skin update I've move around a few things. As you can see the frontpage has received a big overhaul. The profile sidebar block is gone and instead you can find the user profile options in a menu in the header. Hopefully this will make it much easier to browse the different parts of this community. I've also fixed that annoying profile comments bug. So now you can finally post status messages on your own profile page and comments on other members profiles.

Of course, if you don't like the new skin you can always switch to our other skin which is called Overlay Green.

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